What are the symptoms of male kidney deficiency?

What are the symptoms of male kidney deficiency?

Kidney deficiency is divided into two types: yin deficiency and yang deficiency.

More than due to excessive sexual intercourse, or juvenile repeated masturbation.


Thinking about depression, hurting the heart and spleen, the disease and Yangming pulse.


Fear hurts the kidneys, but fears hurt the kidneys.


The main rib of the liver, the yin is the sink of the sacral ribs, if the emotions are not sorrowful, the sorrowful anger.


Wet and hot bet, the ribs are relaxed.


Improper diet, no regularity, single nutrition.

Regularly eat greasy food or spicy food, smoking and drinking too much.

The symptoms of kidney deficiency are manifested in the mental function: memory loss, memory loss, inattention, insufficient energy, and reduced work efficiency.

The symptoms of kidney deficiency are expressed in emotional sense: emotionally uncomfortable emotions are often difficult to control, dizziness, irritability, irritability, anxiety, depression, etc.

The symptoms of kidney deficiency are manifested in the will: lack of self-confidence, lack of confidence, lack of self-confidence, lack of enthusiasm for work, lack of enthusiasm for life, no goals and direction.

The symptoms of kidney deficiency are physiologically manifested as: no spirit, fatigue, lack of mood, and emotional stress.

Seafood and seafood can enhance sexual ability. Male semen contains a lot of zinc. When the body is insufficient, the amount and quality of jing can be affected.

The oysters, shrimps and crabs in seafood are rich in zinc.

Garlic and garlic have a strong bactericidal power and can eliminate the bacteria invading the body.

Garlic promotes the absorption of vitamin B1, promotes the metabolism of sugars to produce energy, and eliminates fatigue.

Another non-negligible function of garlic is to improve immunity.

Lead selenide contained in garlic has an antioxidant effect and is therefore considered a food for cancer prevention.

Men who eat more garlic can improve their physical fitness and strengthen themselves.

High-vitamin C foods The quality and quantity of sperm in the 30-year-old males are going downhill, and vitamin C helps the aging sperm re-energize.

High-vitamin C foods include kiwi, orange, broccoli, and asparagus.

Vitamin C can help the secretion of corticosteroids in the kidney and can fight stress.

Known as the “desert ginseng”, it has a very high medicinal value and is a traditional Chinese herbal medicine.

Cistanche is sweet and sweet, has aphrodisiac, adds fine marrow, nourishing and moistening, and prolonging the effect.

Cistanche is suitable for both foods. Long-term consumption can increase physical strength, enhance endurance and resist fatigue, and at the same time enhance the sexual and fertility of humans and animals.

In the past, Cistanche deserticola has been regarded as a treasure of the tribute court by the countries of the Western Regions. It is also one of the most frequently used tonic drugs in the prescriptions of kidney and aphrodisiac.

It is endangered.

Cistanche is rich in alkaloids, crystalline neutral substances, amino acids, trace elements, vitamins and other ingredients.

It can replenish kidney yang, benefit essence and blood, can inhibit the appearance of “yang deficiency” symptoms and prevent weight loss.

It can effectively prevent and treat men’s kidney deficiency, nocturnal emission and women’s irregular menstruation, amenorrhea and other diseases.

Cistanche porridge[raw material]30 grams of Cistanche, the right amount of rice.

[Do fǎ]Rice and Cistanche are cooked together, and the porridge is picked up.

[Effect]Aphrodisiac solidification, nourishing blood and strong tendons.
Apply to nocturnal emission, dry stool.
Strong body soup[material]: Cistanche, 枸杞 10g, licorice 5g.

[Do fǎ]: Decoction juice (or use soup bag, bag directly into the pot, add mutton, base meat, etc., add salt, MSG, chopped green onion, ginger, seasoning and boil.

1 dose per meal for 2-3 people).

[Effect]: Applicable to the nocturnal emission caused by the deficiency of the lower element, impotence.

4 magical effects of hot towel

4 magical effects of hot towel

I have reported some time ago that hot towel is a cheap health care artifact, which is convenient and brings magical effects to people. Then you heard that repeating the towel to apply the face, in fact, the hot towel is also a cosmetic effect that people can’t think of.

Let’s take a look.

  1. What is the role of hot towel on the face? The hot towel can promote the blood circulation of the face and moisturize the facial cells, which can effectively help the skin to relax, open the pores and make the cleaning more effective.

Makes the skin smooth, white, and shiny.

  2, hot towel face method to wash the face, then a towel into a strip, dipped in 37-39 seconds of hot water for a minute or two, and then applied to the body or neck.

Always apply shrink water after applying the face, otherwise the pores will become bigger!

It is also said that it is applied continuously for one time, depending on the individual.

  3, hot towel application skills hot towel application method for a variety of skin types, water temperature varies with skin quality.

  What are the benefits of hot towel on the face _ hot towel face skills 1.

For people with oily skin, the water temperature should be the same as the body temperature.

If the water temperature is too high, the pores will expand excessively, and the dirt on the skin will be sucked back and the skin will be infected.


For people with dry skin, the water temperature can be slightly higher, but not more than 40 degrees.


The face time should be mastered, the time is too short, the effect is not good, too long hot towel will suck the skin moisture, control is suitable in about 5 minutes.


Compared with young people, older people still need to extract moisturizing brand skin care products, although their metabolism is slower.

Apply some face with a hot towel and protect the skin in dry autumn and winter.

  5, hot towel face time hot towel face time is best to choose before going to sleep every day, after applying the face can use moisturizing cream to prevent water loss.

In this way, when you wake up the next morning, you will truly feel the feeling of “face is not dry.”

  The above is to introduce the effect of hot towel on the face.

Let everyone realize the rare effect of hot towel on the face, so that everyone can make better use of the hot towel.

Come to give your own skin a natural beauty.

How do people live better after the age of forty or fifty?

How do people live better after the age of forty or fifty?

How to explain these two very different situations of increasing love?

A psychologist and sex counseling expert said in a nutshell: “The key is to understand and forgive each other, because when people reach middle age, the physical, lifestyle and sexual reactions of both men and women have changed.

“It is rich for women. Some changes are caused by menopause, while thick menstruation is the result of decreased estrogen secretion.”

The average age of women’s menopause is 50-54 years old, but the process begins around 45 years and lasts for 4-5 years.

In this “quasi-menopausal period”, women’s vaginal tissue became thinner, drier, and less lubricious, resulting in unpleasant or even painful sexual intercourse.

Without understanding these physiological changes, women may complain that their husbands are rude and avoid sexual life when they are having sex, and the husband mistakenly believes that the wife no longer loves himself.

  Men also have changes in hormone secretion in the body, causing libido testosterone, reaching their maximum secretion in their 20-30 years old, and then gradually decreasing (a study shows that from 20-60 years old, every 10 years is reduced by 1/4).
After comparing 77 married men aged 45-77, a sexologist in New York reported that sexual interest, sexual desire and sexual intercourse decreased with testosterone (but not necessarily affecting “satisfaction”).

Mainly due to the reduced blood supply to the penis, their “erection” is not as strong as the entertainment network.

  However, all of the above changes should not affect the sexual life.

It is said that women who feel vaginal discomfort can solve the problem by changing the sexual position or using the accommodative obesity sold by the pharmacy; the man’s “erection” is not as strong as the original, and it turns out that he will not hinder him from reaching orgasm.
An elderly urologist and Yangshuo treatment expert said: “If you divide the degree of erection into 0-10 degrees, you will wake up with 6-7 degrees.

Experts also believe that these changes actually help to strengthen the relationship between husband and wife and sex – if they are good at using it.

  Here are the best hopes for life after the age of 45: 1.

Coordinating the rhythm: A physiologist describes “the sex” is fast and fierce at a young age, burning like a firecracker.

A man in his 20s reaches orgasm 2-5 minutes after the start of sexual intercourse; his wife may take more than 20 minutes to reach the tip.

As men enter the middle-aged rhythm from slow to slower, men’s 40s to 50s need more time to reach orgasm due to slower blood supply to the penis and lower muscle elasticity, and the intensity of the map is not as good as before.In this way, the husband’s sexual rhythm will be closer to his wife’s, and he can slowly taste the pleasures of sexual intercourse.

  For the woman, because her husband is “synchronized” with her, her reaction will certainly be more heated.

According to a foreign study, the proportion of women of all ages is the most difficult to reach the climax in sexual intercourse in the 20s, and the 40-44 age is the easiest – and the difference is very large.

It can be seen that middle-aged men are more concerned about their sexual pleasures and also increase their sexual happiness.


Supplementary action: When most people see their wives undressing, they naturally “erect” in their 20s.

But after the age of 45, it is not enough to rely on visual stimulation. They also need the kiss and warmth of their wives to be excited.

It is said that after this, marriage and sexologists believe that if middle-aged boyfriends turn their attention from “seeing” to “work” in the preparation stage – that is, pay more attention to tactile stimulation (such as conversion, kissing, rubbing, touch sensitive parts), sexLife can be significantly improved.


Balancing the “warp board”: A man recalls: In the early days of marriage, sex is his initiative; but 20 years later, his wife is often a “founder.”

This is because the different changes in hormone secretion make the sexual impulses of both sides tend to balance.

We know that both male and female secrete testosterone and estrogen. By entering middle age, men’s testosterone secretion is reduced and the proportion of estrogen is increased, making him more willing to “follow” rather than “initiate” and “lead” to his wife.Do not want to love.

On the contrary, the female’s estrogen secretion decreased, and the proportion of insulin pills increased, so she showed more active self-confidence in sexual intercourse.


According to a survey conducted by the University of Chicago, couples aged 25-29 love at least 2-3 times a week, 11% of whom are more than 4 times, and those aged 40-44 areOnly 30% of people can maintain this level, and 45% answer “about three times a month” (partly because of fatigue and child care).

However, considering that sex brings love and satisfaction, the proportion of boyfriends in their 40s is more than that of any age group.

  As the frequency of sex decreases, spouses need to realize that each time sexual intercourse is precious, it should be the time for both right and active to participate and share.

Therefore, a strong couple always reduces the target frequency and is more effective. Zhu Siman said: “The 40-something person pointed out that this time or that time, the memory of love is still fresh, and the aftertaste is endless, and the young couples are always vague:”When making love is no longer a commonplace, every time it becomes important to you.

“In short, sexual life after the age of 45 requires a series of adjustments, but it is inevitable and normal for people to understand change, and for couples who work together to deal with them, happiness may be more than ever, and theirSexual life in the 40s, 50s, and even older is still perfect and fulfilling.

Using some sex products can also make sex more perfect!

What are the preventive measures for acne?

What are the preventive measures for acne?

Modern people’s diet is more and more “heavy taste”, salty, oily, and spicy is a common phenomenon on the table. This kind of diet causes the incidence of acne to rise linearly. Hemorrhoids are ubiquitous in life, so “The claim of ten people and nine monks is not an exaggeration.

So the incidence of acne is so high, is there any way to prevent acne?

What are the preventive measures for acne?

In fact, prevention of acne is very simple, and the diet must be light.

Precautions for acne 1. Patients with acne should be light and avoid spicy food.

Drink plenty of water, eat more vegetable foods, eat more radishes, pears, lilies, white fungus and coarse grains and other vitamins and cellulose-penetrating fruits and vegetables, which can increase bowel movements and prevent constipation.

Can achieve clearing heat and cooling blood, laxative effect, such as black sesame, honey, bananas, yogurt and so on.

2, levator ani movement as the name suggests, levator ani exercise is to regularly raise the anus.

It is said that the reason why Qianlong’s grandfather spent a lot of money on the weekdays, he was profligate, and he could live so long, all thanks to the “anal exercise”.

3, promptly go to the toilet and not go to the toilet in time is not a very “cool” thing, but people always delay the best time to go to the toilet because of various factors.

4, shorten the toilet time Many busy office workers have the habit of reading and reading newspapers while going to the toilet. What is quite the case, it is half an hour in the toilet.

It is not known that the toilet time is long and unsanitary. In the long run, the venous vein penetration will be squeezed and cause acne.

Shortening the toilet time is an advantageous measure to prevent hemorrhoids. It should be noted that it should not be more than 3 minutes per toilet.

5, drink plenty of water to account for about 75% of healthy poop, keep drinking water to help keep soft stools and prevent constipation.

6, patients with timely treatment of hypertension, arteriosclerosis, cirrhosis, hypertension, abdominal tumors and other diseases that easily cause hemorrhoids, should take effective measures for timely treatment, to avoid illness and add disease.

7, to avoid sedentary to avoid sitting for a long time, long-term sitting is a high incidence of acne, the probability of suffering from hemorrhoids is much higher than other people.

In daily life, care should be taken to avoid maintaining the same posture for a long time. People who need work can do some activities to help blood circulation and better prevent hemorrhoids.

8, actively exercise to actively exercise, enhance their immunity, and improve their resistance to disease.

In daily life, you can do more activities that are beneficial to physical health, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of acne.

9, to prevent constipation constipation is the most common cause of acne.

In daily life, pay attention to the rationality of your personal diet and try to reduce the food that is not well digested.

At the same time, we must pay attention to maintaining good bowel habits and timely defecation.

10, pay attention to hygiene to maintain clean around the anus to pay attention to hygiene, prevent infection, so as not to induce or aggravate hemorrhoids, usually should be used for hot anus, often change underwear, especially when hemorrhoids attack, at least twice anal hot water bath every day, canPromote blood circulation in the anus, timely treatment of acute attacks and local anal complications.

Seven vegetables suitable for obese people

Seven vegetables suitable for obese people

Many friends who are overweight or worried about getting fat, always think that eating or eating less meat and high foods in their daily diet can effectively control their weight and achieve the purpose of losing weight, while it is considered that vegetable foods are not easy to cause weight gain.Therefore, vegetables are often left unchecked and eaten uncontrolled.

  In fact, vegetables with high carbonyl content are overtaken, and excess glucose is converted into fecal storage in the human body.

So, do fat people eat some vegetables?

  Cucumber: Cucumber contains propanol diacid, which helps to inhibit the residue in various foods from turning into unfortunate in the body. Fat people should eat more cucumbers and lose weight.

  White radish: White radish contains enzymes that help digestion and mustard oil that can increase appetite. After eating, it can cause by-products to be better metabolized and accumulate in the sub-products under the skin.

  Amaranth: Amaranth contains the most cellulose. When this cellulose enters the human body, it can promote intestinal peristalsis, and has a metabolic laxative effect, which can eliminate too much nutrients.

  Winter melon: The conversion of melon is less than other vegetables, and it helps to promote the metabolism of the human body. It has a metabolic weight loss effect.

  Pepper: In addition to nutrients, it also contains capsaicin.

It can promote vitamin metabolism, inhibit the accumulation of adults in the body, and eat more to help lose weight.

  Mung bean sprouts: It expands the index and is slightly absorbed by the body, making it less likely to form a slight accumulation of the skin.

  Soybeans and soy products: Soybeans and soy products are rich in unsaturated fatty acids, which can decompose plasma in the body, promote metabolism and metabolism, and make subcutaneous sputum difficult to accumulate.

Especially vinegar beans, it is a good food for weight loss.

Japanese medical experts have confirmed that the saponin in vinegar can be excluded from the tiny blood vessels of the human body and can reduce the cholesterol content in the blood and help to lose weight.

The method of making vinegar beans is: wash the soybeans, drain the water, fry for about 25 minutes (be careful not to fry), after cooling, bottling, pour the vinegar soaked, cover and seal, can be eaten after one week.
Eat 10-20 capsules each morning and evening, and stick to it again, there will be weight loss.

Whitening meal is moist and white and tender!

Whitening meal is moist and white and tender!

Appetizer: French mushroom salad Ingredients: 250 grams of potatoes, half a can of canned mushrooms, 75 grams of fresh cucumber, 75 grams of carrots, 25 grams of green and red peppers, 15 grams of lettuce oil, 7 grams of mustard sauce, vinegar, 5 grams of salt, dried chili powder, pepper mixed with each other, 2 tomatoes.

  System of law: 1.

Wash the potatoes and carrots, put them in a skillet, add water to cook, and remove the peeled.


Cut potatoes, carrots, greens, red peppers (to stalks, seeds), cucumbers, onions, and mushrooms into small cubes, add in the dish, add lettuce oil, chili powder, salt, pepper, mustard, vinegarThe raw juice of the mushroom, mix well, put it in the plate, pile it into a hill shape, and put the tomato petals around it.

  Note: Mushrooms are rich in nutrients, contain protein and vitamins, low in traces, and free of cholesterol.

Edible mushroom nutrition female estrogen secretion is more vigorous, can prevent old and anti-aging, make the skin gorgeous.

  Carrots are known as “skin foods” that moisturize the skin.

In addition, carrots are rich in pectin, which can be combined with mercury to replace harmful components in the body and make the skin look more delicate and rosy.

Cucumber is rich in vitamins and free amino acids, as well as rich in fruit acid. It can cleanse whitening skin, eliminate sunburn and freckles, and alleviate skin allergies. It is a traditional beauty product.

  Main dish: Siwuwujimeifang material: 1 black-bone chicken, angelica, peony, ginseng, scutellaria, 3 money, scorpion 2 money, 3 ginger, 2 mushrooms.

  Ingredients: salt, chopped green onions: 1.

Angelica, Chuanxiong, white peony, washed in the ground, cut into thin slices, put into the bag, cut the mushrooms into pieces.


Add the black-bone chicken and Chinese herbal medicine to the casserole, add about 5 small bowls of water, boil after the fire, remove the float, add ginger, turn to a small fire, stew until the chicken and bones are soft and rotten, season and abandon the medicine pack, ginger slices Serve.


Add seasonings according to your preference.

  Efficacy: This beauty side is aimed at pale, cold limbs and easy to catch cold. It can not only change the complexion of the skin, but also the effect of nourishing and regulating menstruation before and after the monthly holiday.

Black-bone chicken is flat, sweet, can make up the five internal organs, and replenishes qi and nourishs. Its melanin (of course, it is different from the melanin which makes you black), it can make red blood cells and hemoglobin hyperplasia in human body after being put into medicine;Angelica is warm, sweet, has blood, blood circulation and other effects; Chuanxiong temperature, taste Xin, there is the effect of promoting blood circulation; all things together, there is blood, nourishing Yin, liver function, when blood is sufficient, can improveThe blood circulation of the facial skin adds a healthy color to your whiteness!

Taboo: exogenous sensation, spleen and stomach stagnation, lack of food and drink, stool odor is not suitable.

  Main dish 2: Jinyu full plate white tender meal material: 3 grams of pearl powder, 20 capsules of ginkgo, 100 grams of tofu, 100 grams of shrimp, 2 red peppers, 2 cooked proteins, a small amount of watery mushrooms.

  Ingredients: salt, chopped green onions, the appropriate amount of practice: 1.

Cut the tofu into cubes, and simmer in the boiling water for 3 minutes with the ginkgo.


Cut the red pepper and cut the protein.


Heat the oil in the wok over medium heat, fry the chopped green onion, add the shrimp, red pepper and mushrooms, add salt and stir fry for 3 minutes, and finally add the ginkgo and cooked protein. After 30 seconds, add the pan to the tofu dish and serve.

  Efficacy: The whole dish is colorful, the taste is excellent, and more importantly, for women, this dish also has smooth skin and nourish whitening effect.

The pearl powder in the meal is slightly cool, can clear the fire and detoxify, nourish the yin and nourish the skin, and effectively regulate the endocrine; the fruit of the fruit is flat and bitter, has the effect of nourishing the yin and moistening the lungs, nourishing the blood and the muscles; and the protein contained in the tofu and the shrimp,It is the main element of whitening; this all-season whitening meal can also become a shared meal for the whole family throughout the year.

  [Whitening fruit tea]Ingredients: 50 grams of pineapple pulp, 10 grams of lemon juice, 2 oranges, sugar, 5 grams of fructose, 5 grams of honey, appropriate amount of boiled water, appropriate amount of ice, 3 grams of white peony.

  Practice: 1.

Put the pineapple pulp and orange flesh in a small pot, add some water and heat it on low heat.


After boiling, feed the fructose and lemon juice and continue to heat 3 with a small fire.

Add sugar and honey and stir.


Add 3 grams of white peony powder and pour it into the cup evenly and add ice cubes.

Wife, also eat green vegetables, others eat health, I eat it is shabby

Wife, also eat green vegetables, others eat health, I eat it is shabby

Analyze emotional cases, pass on positive energy in life, and discover the truth, goodness and beauty in the world.

I am Bai Su, I am waiting for you here.

Someone found out: Liu Jie, I am 32 years old, is a civil servant in a small county. My wife works in a business unit. Every month, my salary is higher than mine. My wife and I have a daughter for 7 years. We can only count the ordinary conditions.The family, although not rich, has no debts.

I am a person who is more easily satisfied. I have always felt that our life is very good now. There are foods and drinks that don’t starve to death, can’t afford brand names and can’t afford expensive things, but they also live very well.There is more than enough, but my wife is very different from my thoughts. She wants more, and she is worried about calculating the cost of our family all day. In her eyes, I am a waste in a comfortable place.At the beginning, I will refute her, but she said more, I will listen to it, never go to my heart.

Although my wife is quite abandoning me, I have never had a good face for me, but I have to admit that my wife is really powerful. She did not go to work before she tossed a lot of things, opened a clothing store, opened a snack bar, and also had sales.However, because of these reasons, I didn’t stick to it. I earned money and lost money. When I was tired, I didn’t want to do it again. My daughter is 6 years old and still attending kindergarten because my work is easier than my wife’s.I am going to pick up my daughter to go to school, including the housework at home. I also do more than my wife. I usually do dinner because she is late for work.

I was eating last night. My wife didn’t know what was irritated during the day. I hadn’t stopped since I went home. I also accused me of not making money. I just fired 2 vegetarian dishes for dinner. My wife started to use the title to play me.If you don’t have to eat this kind of thing every day, I will refute her and say: The green vegetables are very good. Eat more beneficial to the body and special health. The voice just fell off the wife and said: People who eat rich vegetables are healthy, you are this month.It’s shabby to make 2,000 yuan. I can’t afford to eat well. I didn’t hold back and quarreled with her. Today we are still not reconciled. I think she is as good as she can eat green vegetables.

Editor’s note: If you have a husband and wife, you can have no quarrel, but you must understand each other, tell your wife the true thoughts of your heart, and try to think about changing your position for your wife. So maybe you can understand each other better.Thoughts, no more quarrels.

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One of the fattening recipes provided by netizens

One of the fattening recipes provided by netizens

Breakfast: 100 grams of sauce (half fat half thin), 4 slices of bread (as thin as possible, used to sandwich the sauce), the remaining 100 grams (also used to eat bread), 2-3 sticks (must eat hot)2 eggs (preferably boiled, do not add ingredients when eating), 500 grams of milk (preferably no skim) lunch: 250 grams of pork (half half fat), 200 grams of beef, 100 grams of lamb,100 grams of chicken, 250 grams of pasta – 500 grams (according to appetite and mood can be adjusted), seasoning of green vegetables, a pot of old soup (about 1000ml), 200 grams of dessert after meals (try to choose more creamy food) Note:The amount of green vegetables must be strictly controlled, rice should not be eaten as much as possible (that Dongdong conversion is too low) Dinner: 250 grams of pork (half half fat), 150 grams of beef, 100 grams of lamb, 100 grams of chicken, 250 grams of pasta (based onMood and appetite can be adjusted properly), a small amount of green vegetables, beer 3-5 bottles (640 ml / bottle), 200 grams of dessert after meals (ice cream category), 200 grams of fruit after meal (similar to bananas) nightingale: meat250 grams of buns, 200 grams of hot noodle soup.
  Note: If you go to sleep immediately after eating, the interval should not exceed 10 minutes, otherwise the effect will not be obvious enough.

  You can also increase your diet according to your actual situation. This recipe can achieve the minimum allocation of fattening purposes.

What should I do if my blood lipids increase?

A cup of it a day, can reduce blood fat, but also health!

What should I do if my blood lipids increase?
A cup of it a day, can reduce blood fat, but also health!

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When plasma is high in blood lipids, everyone will not be unfamiliar. It is associated with high blood pressure and high blood sugar and becomes a “three high disease.”

If someone in the family has high blood lipids, the patient’s family will also be guilty.

That’s because high blood fat is not well controlled and it is not easy to cure.

Hyperlipidemia is a disease in which plasma adults are too high. They often have symptoms such as dizziness, fatigue, insomnia, and palpitations.

If the blood lipids are too high, it is easy to cause blood to be dense. It will deposit on the blood vessel wall for a long time, which will accelerate the hardening of the arterial blood vessels, intervene in the blood vessels, and slow down the blood flow, resulting in poor blood circulation.

It may lead to terrible diseases such as coronary heart disease, brain stroke, and kidney failure.

People who are often hyperlipidemia will have excessive and excessive excessive performance.

It is not very difficult to treat hyperlipidemia, but it must be emphasized.

Reasonable and reasonable: A reasonable diet can effectively alleviate and inhibit high blood lipids.

Eat a proper amount of food every day, do not overeating, eat less high-fat, high-cholesterol, salty foods.

Control protein and plasma intake, eat fresh fruits and vegetables, high-fiber vegetables, and ensure a reasonable daily supplement.

(1) Garlic: Garlic has the effect of lowering blood fat and preventing arteriosclerosis.

Eat garlic regularly, but also effectively protect the blood vessels.

(2) Eggplant: Eggplant is decomposed in the body, and its decomposed product can be combined with cholesterol. After binding, free radicals are more easily excluded from the body.

(3) Hawthorn: Hawthorn has the effect of lowering cholesterol and expanding coronary arteries.

According to research data, hawthorn is a food that can prevent blood pressure and blood lipids.

(4) Soy: Eat 100 grams of beans a day, which can effectively reduce the blood in the middle arteries and reduce the low density lipoprotein formed by arteriosclerosis.


Good habits: alcohol and tobacco cause certain damage to the human body.

The distal smoking can cause arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease, lungs and other diseases, while passive smokers will also have the same injuries as active smokers; a small amount of alcohol is beneficial to the body and can make the blood circulation very large.The benefits, but removing alcohol can cause great harm to your health.


[Life fruit March fruit bubble]soak in water, morning and evening, blood vessels pass, blood lipids slowly drop!

SOD (superoxide dismutase) is the natural enemy of oxygen free radicals and the number one killer of oxygen free radicals in the body.

In 1998, three famous scientists in the United States, Robert, Ferry and Loignano, announced to the world that the reduction of these activities of SOD is the root cause of human illness and death. The supplemental SOD can prevent and treat various diseases and delay aging.the goal of.

With this research, he won the 1998 Nobel Prize in Physiology and Medicine.

In 2013, the famous American medical journal Lancet discovered that[Life Fruit March Capsule]is not only natural SOD (superoxide dismutase), but also contains a large amount of anthocyanins, salicylic acid, quercetin, alkali.Sexual acid can soften blood vessels and remove blood impurities such as blood lipids and blood clots.

[Life fruit March fruiting]Soaking water: Take 5-8 capsules. After the temperature is lower than 50 degrees, put it into a water cup for about 5 minutes, then add the dried fruit together. One cup in the morning and evening, the best effect, one week in a row.Will feel their own obvious changes.


Reasonable exercise and reasonable exercise can make people fit and exercise, and exercise can also consume excess aunts and increase the speed of metabolism.

Sticking to exercise every day is the only way to reduce blood fat.

The benefits of Qigong exercise

The benefits of Qigong exercise

Qigong has great benefits for the health of the body and mind. The long-term use of Qigong to exercise the body has an unexpected effect. Not only can it keep fit and prolong life, so let’s take a look at the nine key points of Qigong.
  1. Practicing qigong is a process of purifying the body and mind of the body and removing the bones and bones.
After practicing, I often feel sour, it hurts, or itching, sweating, creping, darkening of the skin, bad heels, peeling, some people will suddenly want to urinate, urinate, and people will have blood in the stool.
  All of this is a reaction to self-purification of mind and body.
In the words of practicing Qigong, this is a disease response.
After experiencing these reactions, both energy and physical strength will rise, thus laying the foundation for a healthy self.
  2. The utilitarian thoughts of practicing Qigong can’t be too heavy, not just for comfort, nor just for healing.
If there is a first purpose, it can’t last for a long time; for the second purpose, it is not easy to concentrate on oneness in the spirit, and it is not easy to get sick.
  If there is no motivation for utilitarian thinking, then it is possible to establish a mind and body health, a small idea that can benefit the family and benefit the society.
With this kind of big utilitarian thinking, the consciousness of practicing qigong will be greatly improved, and modern scientific knowledge can be used to help practice, so as to achieve the purpose of changing the state of mind and body faster and better.
  3. Can a person persist in practicing hard and can do scientific exercises? In the end, it is still a question of world outlook and outlook on life.
If one’s life goal is to possess wealth and honor, to enjoy, then he lacks the spirit of hardship.
  It is necessary to adhere to hard work and scientific practice, not only to correctly handle the relationship between daily work and practice, but also to be as big as the universe, to accommodate things that ordinary people can’t tolerate, to endure the hardships that ordinary people can’t stand, and to solve the problems that ordinary people can’t solve.Trouble, can find the most fun in the most difficult environmental conditions, in order to overcome all interference, practice in a comfortable way, and never practice.
  4. Strengthen the understanding of Qigong theory based on natural science knowledge.
I think that general physical exercise only relies on physical exercise to strengthen local functions, while Qigong training has both exercise and rest functions.
It is the proper use of breath and body movements to enhance the body’s ability to circulate, so that the various functions of the body are balanced.
  5, relying on practicing Qigong to strengthen one’s own body and consciousness is a slow process, can not be eager to seek success.
Because the aging of various parts of the body has gone through decades of process; the world view of people has also been shaped for decades.
  In a very short period of time, the world view formed in decades will be reversed to the scientific track, the blocked rivers (that is, various circulatory systems) will be unblocked, and the already rusted chain (the entire spine is equivalent to a chain)It is impossible to lubricate and make the joints that have been solidified. It is only possible to perfect themselves one by one.
  6. Practice qigong to teach science, and only strive to practice in the evening.
It is said that practicing Qigong can’t be eager to seek success. The essence is not to say that the practice should be slowly. If every practice has a new experience, then the skill will grow faster.
Therefore, we must use our minds, use gas, and exert force when doing each action.
Every practice is like the first time you practice, always feeling fresh.
  7. When practicing Qigong, both relax and use force.
This seems a bit contradictory and hard to do.
In fact, the more relaxed you are, the more you can use your energy and strength.
The feeling of relaxation can be found in the following process: the body is right, the eyes are closed, the breath is full, the whole body is swollen, and then the lower abdomen is slowly exhaled from the mouth, and the force is exhausted until the head is slightly dizzy.The whole body is soft and seems to be in the ground.
  8. It is best to practice qigong with both physical and mental exercise.
Physical exercise, different exercises have different requirements, and physical changes in the body are the common requirements of Qigong mental exercise.
  Always pay attention to where the acid is, where it swells, where it hurts, where it itch. Think again about what is the reason, whether the joint is loose, which pipe is going to pass, whether your own gas is increased, and the gas in the body is transported toWhich part is waiting.
  9, can not be completed as a task.
It is necessary to observe the profound truth from the process of practicing; to understand the meaning and fun of practicing in the process of practicing and improving.