[Eating eggplants during breastfeeding and powerful]_ breastfeeding _ benefits

[Eating eggplants during breastfeeding and powerful]_ breastfeeding _ benefits

Eggplant is rich in protein, vitamins and a variety of minerals, and moderate consumption has great benefits to the human body.

Experts said that eggplant is suitable for many people, even female friends who are breast-feeding can also eat it. It has the functions of promoting blood circulation, preventing constipation and other effects.

First, can I eat eggplants during lactation?

Eggplant can be eaten during lactation.

Benefits of eating eggplant during lactation: Eggplant is a cold food.

Therefore, eating in the summer can help clear the heat and relieve the heat, especially for people who are prone to rash and ulcers; eggplant can disperse blood, reduce swelling and widen the intestines.

Therefore, it is likely that people with hemorrhoids, hemorrhoids and jaundice who eat hot and humid jaundice, eat more eggplant, it can help bowel movements for breastfeeding mothers. It can replace purple eggplant with rice porridge.

Pay attention to eggplants during breastfeeding: Because eggplants are cold, the body has indigestion, is prone to diarrhea, and the spleen and stomach are cold. Symptoms should not be eaten by lactating mothers, and it is easy for babies to have diarrhea in the morning.Solanine is harmful to the human body and should not be eaten too much.

Eggplants are eaten a lot, but a lot of them are cooked at higher temperatures and longer periods of time, which are both greasy and have a great loss of nutrition.

Of all the ways to eat eggplant, ketchup is the healthiest.

Better lactating mothers don’t stop trying.

Second, can pregnant women eat eggplant?

Eggplant is sweet and cold, has the functions of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, clearing heat and swelling, and widens the intestine. It is suitable for blood under intestinal wind, heat toxins, skin ulcers, etc. It has a good effect on internal hemorrhoids and blood in the stool.

Eggplant nevus softens fine blood vessels and prevents small blood vessels from bleeding. It may have an effect on hypertension, arteriosclerosis, hemoptysis, purpura (subcutaneous bleeding, congestion) and scurvy.

Eggplant also has anti-oxidant function, which can prevent the cell from becoming cancerous; meanwhile, it can reduce the cholesterol content in the blood and prevent arteriosclerosis; it can regulate blood pressure and protect the heart.

In addition, eggplant has a certain inhibitory effect on cancer, and also has a certain therapeutic effect on dysmenorrhea, chronic gastritis and gastritis edema.

Third, the nutritional value of eggplant The nutrition of eggplant is also rich in protein, traces, carbohydrates, biotin, and calcium, phosphorus, iron and other nutrients.

Especially vitamin P is high in content.

Each 100 grams contains 750 mg of vitamin P.

Vitamin P can maintain the elasticity and physiological functions of blood vessel walls, protect cardiovascular and ascorbic acid. This substance can enhance the adhesion between human cells, enhance the elasticity of capillaries, reduce the brittleness and permeability of capillaries, and prevent microvascular rupture and bleeding.Keep the cardiovascular function normal, prevent sclerosis and rupture, so eat some eggplant often, leading to hypertension, coronary heart disease, arteriosclerosis and hemorrhagic purpura.

Cardiovascular protection, ascorbic acid: preventative, eggplant also has the effect of replenishing scurvy and promoting wound healing.

[How fast-frozen french fries are crispy]_How to fry_Fried

寰堝鏈嬪弸鍦ㄥ埗浣滈€熷喕钖潯鐨勬椂鍊欙紝鍙戠幇鍋氬嚭鏉ョ殑钖潯鏄笉鑴嗙殑锛岃繖鏍锋瀬涓哄奖鍝嶅彛鎰燂紝濡傛灉钖潯涓嶈剢鐨勮瘽锛屽氨涓嶈兘绠楁槸钖潯浜嗐€傞€熷喕钖潯鏄渶瑕佹妸鎺уソ娌规俯鍜屾补鐐哥殑鏃堕棿锛屽鏋滆繖涓よ€呮病鏈夊仛濂界殑璇濓紝鍋氬嚭鏉ョ殑钖潯鑲畾鏄湁浜涗笉澶熷ソ鐨勶紝骞朵笖杩樿淇濊瘉閫熷喕钖潯鏄啛鐨勩€?閫熷喕钖潯鐐稿嚑鍒嗛挓6鍒嗛挓锛岃偗寰峰熀銆侀害褰撳姵鐨勬爣鍑嗐€傜偢钖潯鐨勬柟娉曞涓嬶細1銆佸€掗€傞噺娌瑰叆閿咃紝鐑ц嚦鍏垎鐑€?銆佸啺绠卞彇鍑鸿柉鏉★紝涓嶇敤瑙e喕锛岀洿鎺ュ€掑叆娌归攨鎵€闇€閲忋€?銆佹€ョ伀鐐稿埗锛屽井榛?涓汉鍠滄绋嶅井鐏ぇ涓€鐐圭殑锛岃柉鏉$殑杈圭紭鏈変竴鐐规繁鍜栧暋鑹层€?4銆佹崬鑷崇洏瀛愰噷锛屾拻閫傞噺绮剧洂锛屼笂涓嬮鍔ㄧ洏瀛愶紝浣跨簿鐩愬潎鍖€銆?銆佷笂妗岋紝寮€鍔?(Chao Yangluo Gong Ruixuan Village ソ!?)! Tweezers, songs, songs, songs, sorrows, sorrows, sorrows, sorrows, sorrows, sorrows, sorrows, 250g, sorrows, sorrows, 5ml, sorrows, sorrows, sorrowsWhat is the pot?銆 人 嘢 嘌 呴  鐑?00搴︺€?銆侀鐑椂灏嗚柉鏉$敤灏戣椋熺敤娌规媽涓€涓嬨€?銆侀鐑ソ鍚庯紝灏嗚柉鏉$洿鎺ュ€掑叆鐐哥瓙涓紝灏嗚柉鏉¢摵鍧囧寑銆?Are you talking about it?闒 嗛 抓 銆?銆?闒 嗛 抓 銆?鍒嗛挓鐨勬椂鍊欐妸鐐哥瓙鎷垮嚭鏉ワ紝鎶栧姩涓€涓嬶紝闃叉钖潯娌鹃攨銆傛姈鍔ㄧ殑鏃堕棿鍜屾鏁颁笉鐢ㄨ繖涔堢粷瀵癸紝鎿嶄綔涓€娆″氨鎽稿埌瑙勫緥浜嗐€備箣鍚庡彲浠ヤ笉鐢ㄧ锛岀洿鎺ョ瓑鈥滃彯鈥濄€?How to create something?The problem is that the temperature is high, the temperature is low, the temperature is low, the temperature is low, the temperature is low, the temperature is low, the temperature is low, the temperature is low, the temperature is low, the temperature is low, and the temperature is low.垜鏄繖鏍峰鐞嗙殑锛氬湪缈荤倰鍧囧寑锛屾瘡鏍硅柉鏉′笂閮芥簿娌瑰悗銆傞攨瀛愮◢寰€炬枩涓€鐐癸紝鐒跺悗涓€灏忔嫧涓€灏忔嫧鐨勫線鍊炬枩鍚庢补姣旇緝鍘氱殑鍦版柟鍒掓媺鐫€鐐搞€傝繖鏍风殑濂藉闄や簡Remedy: By  钖  浔, there is no need to fix it, and it ‘s not easy to fix it. It ‘s not a good idea. It ‘s broken. It ‘s broken. It ‘s broken.€?銆佺偢鑷宠繃绋嬩繚鎸佸ぇ鐏€傚洜涓哄喎鍐昏柉鏉℃俯搴﹀緢浣庯紝鎵€浠ヤ竴寮€濮嬫补涓€瀹氳鐑ф椇锛屾墠涓嬪叆钖潯銆傝柉鏉′笅鍏ョ殑涓€鐬棿娌规俯浼氳繀閫熼檷涓嬫潵锛屾墍浠ヤ篃涓嶇敤灏嗙伀鍊欒皟灏忎簡銆傝繖鏄柉鏉′細鍛堢幇缁佃蒋鐘舵€侊紝涓嶇敤鎷呭績锛屽啀鐐镐竴浼氬効浠ュ悗锛屾补娓╀細鎱㈡參鍥炲崌锛岃柉鏉″氨浼氭參鎱㈠彉鑴嗗彉纭€?You are not sure whether the chain is faulty or not. You are not sure how to do it. You are not sure what to do.?銆佹崬鍑虹殑钖潯涓€瀹氳鏀惧湪婕忓嫼婕忕綉涔嬬被鐨勫鍣ㄩ噷娌ユ补鍔犲井鏅惧噳锛屾墠鍙互瑁呯洏銆傚鏋滀竴鐐稿ソ灏辨崬鍑虹洿鎺ヨ鐩橈紝閾佸畾浼氳蒋鐨勩€?

[How to dry sweet potato stalks best]_How to dry _How to dry

[How to dry sweet potato stalks best]_How to dry _How to dry

Sweet potato stalks are usually dried in the north, which is conducive to long-term preservation, and the dried sweet stalks taste very good.

The dried sweet potato stalks are generally used to make Korean pickles, and they taste very good.

Sweet potato stalks are not dried directly in the sun or dried using a dryer. Traditional sweet potato stalks are cooked by boiling the fresh sweet potato stalks into a half-cooked state and dried in the sun.

Effects of sweet potato stalks Sweet potato stalks are rich in protein, thick aunts and a large amount of crude fiber, which can enhance bowel movements, laxative detoxification and weight loss effects. It can also enhance immunity, protect eyesight, maintain delicate skin, and delay aging.It is a natural flavor, which can be made into food after drying. Today, I will share the experience of sweet potato stalk drying process.

Sweet potato terrier drying method 1.

First prepare the sweet potato stalks. Wash the sweet potato stalks with water. Wash them several times to remove the dust and bacteria from them. Then put them on a plate for use.


Prepare the pot, add water to the pot, then put the sweet potato stalks and cook, pay attention to cooking a half-boiled, for the later magical use.


Remove the cooked half-boiled sweet potato stalks from the fence and place them in the sun for repeated drying and drying. Then you can marinate them and cook them. They are all very good and delicious. I believe your saliva will flow out.Very simple and very practical.

4. Dried sweet potato stalks can be stored in a ventilated and dry place for a long time. When you want to eat them, you should soak them with hot water in advance, and then stew them with other ingredients. You should pay attention to salt when making pickles.Don’t overdo it and don’t overcook it.

The method of pickled sweet potato stalks 100g pork 200g green pepper 3 dried red peppers two grass fruits one aniseed two onion segments moderate ginger slices appropriate Wang Shouyi thirteen spices appropriate amount onion companion bean paste appropriate amount white sugar appropriate amount old salt After washing a little more dried sweet potato stalks, prepare them with warm water for a night to prepare pork and plum meat, cut into celery leaves, but in the end, I did n’t put a lot of oil in the pan, and then put the onion and ginger into the cut.For some plum meat, add some simmered oil first, then add green peppers and fry them.

Add soaked sweet potato stalks.

Add the old soy sauce, thirteen fragrant powder, grass fruit, aniseed, dried chili, sugar, watercress sauce, salt for frying.

Add water after coloring. The water should not be over the sweet potato stalks. Open the lid and cook on medium heat for 45 minutes.

After the soup is dried, add water starch and stir.

Served, specially served

[How to eat dried shrimps]_Recommended diet


[Can you eat fish head]_Can you eat it? Can you eat it?

[Can you eat fish head]_Can you eat it? Can you eat it?

Zebrafish is our most common fish. The content of protein and unsaturated fatty acids in zebrafish is very high. The meat quality of zebrafish is completely plump, and the meat quality is very tender and delicious. Zebrafish is actually a very common marine fish.People usually like to eat strip fish, but when you eat strip fish, you usually throw away the strip fish head. Can the strip fish head be eaten?

Can I eat fish head?

The fish head is warm, sweet and salty; the liver, spleen meridian, has spleen tonic, nourish qi, warm stomach, nourish liver, make skin, nourish qi, nourish blood, keep fit, and has no toxic effect on human body, Fish head is edible.

The fish gill is not a part of the fish head. The fish gill is a detox organ for fish to breathe in the water. The fish gill carries a lot of harmful microorganisms and dirty things, which is enough to eat bad taste and may cause the body.Discomfort.

Teeth fish live in the ocean for a long time, they are carnivorous animals, their teeth are sharp, and there are more dirty things left on the teeth. They have little edible value. Therefore, the teeth of the fish are not suitable for eating.

How to make fish head with garlic Ingredients: fish head 350 grams, green pepper, red pepper 30 grams, salt 3 grams, starch 10 grams, cooking wine, garlic juice each amount.

Method: 1. After the fish head is cleaned, pickle and taste with salt, starch, cooking wine, and garlic; wash and chop the green and red peppers.

2. Heat oil into the pan, fry the fish head until golden brown, remove and place on a plate.

3. Add oil to the hot pan, stir-fry the green and red peppers, remove the drained oil, and sprinkle on the fish head and serve.

Efficacy: Supplement nutrition and promote appetite.

Ingredients for stewed potatoes with fish head: one potato, appropriate amount of fish head, cabbage, yellow sauce, salt, sugar, old soy sauce, sesame oil, pepper, aniseed, broth, spring onion, ginger, garlic, etc.

Method: 1. Wash the fish head and fry until golden on both sides.

2. Fry garlic to golden brown, add yellow sauce, shallot, ginger, pepper, stir-fry aniseed and add broth.

3. Add fish head, salt, monosodium glutamate, sugar, and sauté until taste.

4. Leave the fish soup in the pot and sauté the potatoes until they taste well, and put them in a dish with a good size of cabbage.

5. Put the fish head around the burnt fish head and pour in the fish sauce.

Efficacy: Spleen Qi, Tongli stool.

How to deal with the fish head1, first soak the fish in the salt water for a short time, and repeatedly scrub to remove the surface mucus.

2. Use scissors to make a small cut at the junction of the fish head and the neck of the fish. Be careful not to cut it off.

3. Holding the fish head tightly and slowly tearing it, you can remove the fish’s internal organs along the tearing of the fish head.

4. Then remove the fish gills and fish scales and rinse them under running water.

Article 15: Gradually Alleviate Distressed Private Enterprise Capital Markets and Meet New Opportunities

Article 15: Gradually Alleviate Distressed Private Enterprise Capital Markets and Meet New Opportunities

The financing of private enterprises has received unprecedented attention.

The General Office of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the General Office of the State Council recently issued “Several Opinions on Strengthening Private Enterprises for Financial Services” (hereinafter referred to as “Opinions”), from the aspects of increasing direct and indirect financing innovation and support policies, and strengthening financing service infrastructure construction.He proposed fifteen specific reforms, which directly pointed to the difficulty of financing and expensive financing of private enterprises, and required each region and each department to implement them carefully and in accordance with the actual situation.

  The location of private enterprises 杭州桑拿网 in November last year talked about the role of private enterprises and private entrepreneurs, gave full affirmation, unwaveringly consolidated and developed the public ownership economy, unwaveringly encouraged, supported, and guided the development of the non-public ownership economy, and treated all types of ownership equally.Enterprises have become the basic guiding ideology for the problem of private financing and effective rehabilitation of private financing.

  In addition to the targeted measures proposed in the construction of financing service infrastructure, the promotion of financing service performance, and the protection of legitimate rights and interests of enterprises, the Opinions also have detailed expressions in terms of specific financial means support.

  In the field of traditional indirect financing, the Opinions proposed “implementing a balanced monetary credit support policy.”

Reasonably adjust the macro-prudential assessment parameters of commercial banks, and improve the inclusive financial targeted reduction policy.

Increase support for bill financing of private enterprises and improve the efficiency of discount financing.

Encourage banks and private enterprises to establish long-term bank-enterprise relations.

This proposes directions for supporting private enterprises and alleviating financing difficulties from management proposals.

  In the field of direct financing, the Opinions also put forward more specific measures. The capital market can play a more active role in supporting the development of private enterprises and cracking the problem of difficult financing and financing. At the same time, it faces new possibilities.

In the A-share market, through the perfect stock issuance and refinancing system, speed up the progress of the initial listing and refinancing review of private enterprises; deepen the reform of the merger and acquisition and restructuring system of listed companies; facilitate the growth and development of private enterprises; and launch the science and technology board as soon as possible and pilot the registration system, Steadily promote the reform of the new third board issuance and trading system, and promote the financing efficiency of innovative private small, medium and micro enterprises.

In the bond market, in conjunction with the reasonable demands of private enterprises, study the expansion of the scope of application of directional convertible bonds and the scale of issuance; expand the pilot of innovative and entrepreneurial bonds to support non-listed and non-listed private enterprises to issue privately-equipped convertible bonds; support the issuance of private enterprise bonds and encourage financeInstitutions increase investment in private enterprise bonds.

In the field of equity, actively cultivate early-stage investment forces such as angel investment and venture capital that invest in private science and technology enterprises, and step up efforts to improve related preferential policies; standardize the development of regional equity markets, and encourage local governments to vigorously conduct private enterprise equity financing coaching training.

  At the same time, the Opinions propose to support financial institutions to replenish capital through the capital market.

Accelerate the innovation of commercial banks’ capital replenishment bond instruments and support the replenishment of capital through the issuance of non-fixed-term capital bonds and the conversion of second-tier capital bonds.

  In fact, the capital market has taken remedial steps in bail-out of private enterprises. Perpetual debts of commercial banks, special debts of bail-out private enterprises, and financial innovation products such as targeted asset management programs have been introduced to the market and have continued to expand.

  In general, there has been consensus on the role of private enterprises in the national economy.

In response to the practical difficulties of private enterprises, relevant supporting policies have been gradually implemented from the scale design to the specific implementation, the progressive implementation of the business environment, the improvement of the business environment, the elimination of preferential treatment, and the convenience of financing.On the basis of optimizing the allocation of market resources, through the establishment of a sound long-term mechanism, the important role of private enterprises in supporting economic growth and job creation will be promoted to promote stable and healthy economic and social development.

  (This article comes from Xinhuanet)

Yaoji Technology (002605): Epidemic spawns surge in traffic and invisible champion of leisure mobile games

Yaoji Technology (002605): Epidemic spawns surge in traffic and invisible champion of leisure mobile games

The company is a leader in the field of poker cards. It has been cultivating for 25 years and produces 600 million pairs per year.

Based on the traditional main business, after years of exploration, it began to deeply cultivate leisure sports games and integrate upstream and downstream resources to develop a “big entertainment” strategy.

The epidemic triggered the rise of the “housing economy”, and the leisure mobile games also experienced a surge in traffic during the Spring Festival.

The company has obvious advantages in chess and card games, and it is expected that it will have a more definite performance this year.

Three core products, go hand in hand, and have a steady stream of income.

The company currently has three game products, namely the Yu Wan game platform (similar to the QQ game lobby, which contains 10 games, including fishing, mahjong, and landlords. It was established in 2013.

At present, there are millions of monthly activities, ten million monthly running water, and the average online user time is about 30 minutes.) Yaoji Fishing (single product app, Wu Mengda endorsement, launched at the beginning of 18, monthly flow of ten million), and Xiaomei Landlord(Single product app, launched in early 2018, 19-year test period, IOS is officially launched this year, and cooperates with headlines. The model is mainly suitable for advertising monetization; during the Spring Festival, the download platform tops for about ten days, and the two platforms include Android and IOS with more than one million daily activities).
Games will become the main focus of the company in the future, and it is expected to contribute more than 90% of profits.

The main business is stable, and the “ant market” runs out of the invisible giant.

The annual consumption of Chinese playing cards is about 5 billion. It is mainly produced by six leading companies including Yao Ji, Wanshengda, and Three A.

With a production capacity of nearly 700 million pairs, Yao Kee is the largest domestic manufacturer of playing 深圳spa会所 cards.

The appearance is relatively stable, and dealers have a strong acceptance of price increases.

We believe that the market concentration will continue to increase. Through the development of new markets and the unit price of product upgrades, the company will continue to expand the main business of traditional poker cards, and at the same time promote the use of the 55th card of poker to conduct diversion publicity for company games or other businesses.As a leading player in the poker industry, the long-term performance remains stable.

Integrating upstream and downstream resources, we will further develop leisure sports games in the future.

The poker business is a good offline diversion channel, which can be used to guide chess and card games through offline poker QR codes.

The company merged with Chengye 武汉夜生活 Technology, a mobile game company for leisure sports. It continued to expand in product reorganization and update, and accurately captured customers. It strived to increase the profitability and ARPPU value. It will test new leisure games in the future, and will invest in overseas BINGO games.Influential big fish competitions, actively explore domestic and foreign markets, and deepen leisure sports games.

Maintain “Highly Recommended-A” rating.

Based on the traditional main business of fine and strong poker, the company began to deepen leisure sports games after years of exploration, which will help the company integrate upstream and downstream resources to develop a “big entertainment” strategy. It is estimated that the company’s net profit in 19-21 will be 4.

1, 6.

2, 7.

0 ppm, with a 10-year increase of 215%, 51%, and 14%. The current PE is 25x corresponding to 20 years, maintaining the “strong recommendation-A”.

Risk Warning: Poker Card Sales Continue to Decline; Major Changes in Mobile Game Regulatory Policy

Daily limit resumes: The two cities continue to take strong financial concepts across the afternoon

Daily limit resumes: The two cities continue to take strong financial concepts across the afternoon

The policy is bland but the market is restless?

Investing without looking at policies is like blindfolding. Come to Sina Finance University, listen to Miss Dong read the news and understand the market.

  Sina Finance News on February 20th, the broad market opened slightly higher. After the opening, the index once surged, the index rose more than 1%, and then quickly fell back. The Shanghai stock index once turned green, and the liquor stocks rose strongly.Picking up again, the brokerage sector collectively rose.

In the afternoon, the three major indexes rose collectively, the Shanghai index rose back to 3000 points, the index rose by more than 2%, and the brokerage sector exploded strongly. In general, the multiple A-share sectors continued to rise and market funds were active.Breaking trillions.

The final close, the Shanghai stock index was 3030.

15 points, up 1.

84%, with a turnover of 4,137.

6.1 billion yuan (the turnover of the previous trading day was 3,813.

3.1 billion); Shencheng Index reported 11509.

09 points, up 2.

43%, with a turnover of 6546.

6.5 billion yuan (the turnover of the previous trading day was 6574.

8.4 billion);

74 points, up 2.

twenty one%.

  From the surface of the disk, securities, miniLED, insurance and other sectors are at the top of the list, while influenza, animal vaccines, and masks are at the top of the list.

  First, the daily limit data today, Shanghai and 杭州夜网 Shenzhen daily limit of 123 (covering new stocks and ST-class), one daily limit, an increase of 3274 stocks, 70 flat, down 531 stocks.

  Second, the attractions sector: 1, securities Tianfeng Securities, Hongta Securities, Guojin Securities, Huaan Securities, Oriental Fortune and other daily limit of nearly 10 shares.

  2. HNA is a part of HNA Innovation, HNA Holdings, HNA investment daily limit, and HNA Technology are up.

  On the surface of the news, market rumors said that the Hainan Provincial Government, where the headquarters of HNA Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “HNA Group”) is located, is negotiating to take over the highly resistive HNA Group and dispose of its aviation assets.

Earlier this morning, an executive of HNA Group denied the rumor. He said that the rumors did not mean that he had never learned about the takeover, replacement or reorganization of HNA Group.

In the afternoon, people familiar with the matter: HNA-related rumors are incorrect, and they have been working hard. No matter which solution is used, it is in the direction that is beneficial to HNA and the enterprise.

  Third, today’s daily limit stock analysis Today’s daily limit stock analysis Name rise Current price daily limit analysis HNA Innovation 10

27% 2.

04 Hainan 0 HNA Investment 10.

13% 2.

61 Hainan 0 Tong Portugal shares 10.

11% 3.

92 white wine 0 Jinlong Electromechanical 10.

11% 5.

01 GEM shell 15 Zhengdan shares 10.

11% 5.

23 folding screen 5 sunrise east 10.

07% 7.

54 net red economy 0 Baichuan shares 10.

07% 6.

34 lithium iron phosphate 0 electronic city 10.

07% 4.92 Real Estate 4 Kodak Clean Energy 10.

06% 5.

47 lithium batteries 1 Kuangda Technology 10.

06% 3.

83 Tesla 0 Wanshun new material 10.

05% 6.

13ST plate 0 forging smart 10.

05% 6.

24 military industry 1 Stone links 10.

05% 8.

43 solid waste treatment 0 red star development 10.

05% 8.

76 lithium batteries 6 Jia Wei Xinneng 10.

05% 4.

6 Photovoltaic 0 Wisdom Songde 10.

05% 7.

12 results pre-increased 4 Xiuqiang shares 10.

04% 12.

49 Tesla 0 Huaan Securities 10.

04% 8 Securities 0 National Gold Securities 10.

04% 11.

18 brokers 3 Hekang Xinneng 10.

04% 2.

85 charging piles 0 Tiansheng new materials 10.

04% 6.

25 results pre-increased 0 great wisdom 10.

03% 9.

54 FinTech 0 Huifa Food 10.

03% 16.

45 quick frozen meat 1 new Cape 10.

03% 13.

27 Online Education 0 Green Court Investment 10.

03% 10.

2 Diversified Finance 0 Huaxin Shares 10.

03% 14.

59 brokerage firms 1 Sony Power 10.

03% 7.

57 diversified finance 2 Tongyi shares 10.

03% 19.

31 Huawei Industry Chain 0 Runxin Technology 10.03% 11.

635G0 Tianyin Electromechanical 10.

03% 21.

07 satellite navigation 0 Oriental Fortune 10.

03% 17.

34 Internet Finance 0 MMS Shares 10.

03% 21.

73 Huawei industry chain 0 red phase shares 10.

02% 18 Blockchain 2 Snowman Shares 10.

02% 9.

88 fuel cells 0 net up software 10.

02% 26.

57 ultra high definition videos 2 twin tower food 10.

02% 11.

53 artificial meat 5 grand blasting 10.

02% 31.

19 military industry 0 Haiqi Group 10.

02% 13.

29 Hainan 1 Tianlong Optoelectronics 10.

02% 6.

7 GEM restructuring loosened 0TCL technology 10.

02% 6.

7OLED0 Weitang Industrial 10.

02% 20.

76 Tesla 0 Mindong Electric Power 10.

02% 7.

25 wind power 0 Hualin Securities 10.

01% 15.

05 Securities 0 Xiangyou Technology 10.

01% 15.

05 Beidou Navigation 0 Huacan Optoelectronics 10.

01% 8.

35MiniLED8 Fengyuan shares 10.

01% 16.

92 lithium iron phosphate 0 Xiangdian shares 10.

01% 8.

68 wind power 0 Hite Hi-tech 10.

01% 19.

12 chips 0 deep Konka A10.

01% 10.55 chip 0 will communicate smoothly 10.

01% 56.

38 Cloud Office 1 Zhuoyi Technology 10.

01% 11.

76WiFi 60 Huaxi Securities 10.

01% 11.

87 Securities 0 Qisheng Technology 10.

01% 50.

57 new shares 1 Hongta Securities 10.

01% 20.

23 securities 1 gold transport laser 10.

00% 48.

49 laser 1 Yingjie Electric 10.

00% 78.

07 new shares 0 Star 10 semiconductors.

00% 57.

62 new shares 0 super map software 10.

00% 29.

47 domestic software 0 Rockchip 10.

00% 32.

88 new shares 0 flush flush 10.

00% 133.

61 Fintech 3 front-end software 10.

00% 78.

52 Internet Finance 0 Invic 10.

00% 39.

37 charging piles 0 German square 10.

00% 216.

12 lithium iron phosphate 0 Shuangfei shares 10.

00% 32.

01 new shares 0 refined research technology 10.

00% 136.

73 Tesla 3 Ashi Chuang 10.

00% 36.

3 targets 0 Beda Pharmaceuticals 10.

00% 82.

5 Medicine 14 Tongda shares 10.

00% 19.

47 GEM restructuring untied 0 Zitian Technology 10.

00% 25.85 Culture Media 0 Oteja 10.

00% 4.

62 Tesla 3 Agriculture Technology 10.

00% 31.

24 appliances 0 Duolun technology 10.

00% 7.

92 unmanned 0 0 Tamron shares 10.

00% 26.

18 Tesla 0 3D shares 10.

00% 19.

91 Rail Transit 2 Rainbow Shares 10.

00% 4.

51OLED0 HNA Holdings 10.

00% 1.

76 Hainan 3 trillion easy innovation 10.

00% 375.

24 chips 0 Fuhan micro 10.

00% 209.

46 chips 2 BYD 10.

00% 68.

1 new energy vehicle 6 compass 10.

00% 57.

33 Fintech 5 Jingsheng Electromechanical 10.

00% 27.

62 PV0 Junda shares 9.

99% 14.

75 auto parts 1 South China Futures 9.

99% 28.

62 new shares 0 Astronergy 9.

99% 26.

09 Yangtze River Delta integration 0 gold certificate shares 9.

99% 21.

91 Fintech 0 Huaxi shares 9.

99% 9.

8 Participating Securities Companies 1 Palm Reading Technology 9.

99% 18.

28 Knowledge Names 4 Shanghai Xiba 9.

99% 26.

32 sewage treatment 5 Kaizhong Precision 9.

99% 14.65 Tesla 0 Zhiyun shares 9.

98% 11.

13 Lithium battery 2 Siyuan Electric 9.

98% 15.

98 chip 3 Lehman Optoelectronics 9.

98% 10.

36Mini LED2 Saisheng Pharmaceutical Industry9.

98% 10.

14 Medicine 0 Deli shares 9.

98% 4.

96 glass 0 trillion Chi shares 9.

98% 4.

85 Mini LED0 and win shares 9.

97% 12.

68 lithium battery 0 初 灵 信息 9.

97% 16.

215G8 Jinyi Television 9.

97% 15.

33 Television Media 0 Hanshang Group 9.

97% 11.

03 new retail 6 Xiangtan electrification 9.

97% 10.

26 Charging piles 0 Guofeng Plastic Industry 9.

97% 6.

4OLED1 AVIC Sanxin 9.

97% 6.

29 military workers 0 Adir 9.

96% 9.

16 blockchain 1 core energy technology 9.

96% 8.

39 PV0 Kangsheng shares 9.

96% 2.

65 hydrogen fuel cells 1 Chang aluminum shares 9.

96% 4.

97 Tesla 0 dry photo photoelectric 9.

95% 7.

29LED3 Dongyi Risheng 9.

95% 6.

96 smart home 2 Tongfeng Electronics 9.

95% 4.2 passive components 0 Ruifeng Optoelectronics 9.

94% 7.

3 mini LED0 sea and land heavy industry 9.

93% 4.

43 Nuclear Power 0 Hongda Xingye 9.

92% 5.

21 Hydrogen Fuel Cell 5 Huaying Technology 9.

91% 2.

55 flexible screen 3 days rich energy 9.

91% 3.

55 Rare Earth Permanent Magnet 1 * ST BeiXun 5.

24% 2.

21ST plate 4ST Dongdian 5.

17% 1.

83ST plate 2 * ST Hehua 5.

09% 5.

37ST plate 1ST modern 5.

04% 2.

5ST plate 3 * ST power 4.

96% 7.

4ST plate 0ST Lawton 4.

96% 2.

96ST plate 0ST Aixu 4.

96% 11ST plate 0 * ST lotus 4.

88% 3.

01ST sector 0 fourth, yesterday’s daily limit stock performance today, yesterday’s daily limit stock performance today, the name of today’s price rise, the current price limit analysis yesterday opened the number of times Jinlong Mechanical and Electrical 10.

11% 5.

01 GEM Shell 2 Baichuan shares 10.

07% 6.

34 lithium iron phosphate 0 Kuangda Technology 10.

06% 3.

83 Tesla 0 forging smart 10.

05% 6.

24 military industry 1 Hekang new energy 10.

04% 2.

85 charging piles 0 Tiansheng new materials 10.

04% 6.

25 performance pre-increased 0 Huifa food 10.

03% 16.

45 Frozen Meat 1 Shinli Finance 10.03% 7.

57 diversified finance 2 Fengyuan shares 10.

01% 16.

92 lithium iron phosphate 0 Xiangdian shares 10.

01% 8.

68 wind power 0 British Vic 10.

00% 39.

37 charging piles 0 German square 10.

00% 216.

12 Lithium iron phosphate 0 Oteja 10.

00% 4.

62 Tesla 3 Agriculture Technology 10.

00% 31.

24 appliances 0 compass 10.

00% 57.

33 Fintech 5 South China Futures 9.

99% 28.

62 new shares 0 Kaizhong Precision 9.

99% 14.

65 Tesla 0 Zhiyun shares 9.

98% 11.

13 lithium batteries 2 and win shares 9.

97% 12.

68 lithium battery 0 Xiangtan electrification 9.

97% 10.

26 Charging piles 0 Changal shares 9.

96% 4.

97 Tesla 0 dry photo photoelectric 9.

95% 7.

29LED3 铜 峰 电子 9.

95% 4.

2 passive components 0 sea and land heavy industry 9.

93% 4.

43 Nuclear Power 0 China Television Media 9.

43% 17.

4 Ultra HD videos 0 Beibo shares 8.

87% 5.

03 photovoltaic 0 Shengyang shares 6.

68% 6.

07 lithium iron phosphate 0 Fulin Seiko 6.41% 12.

79 lithium iron phosphate 0 Ruida futures 6.

11% 38.

88 new shares 4 back to Tianxin Material 5.

78% 12.

08 Huawei industry chain 7 Chengmai Technology 5.

65% 288.

88 Huawei Industry Chain 2 * ST BeiXun 5.

24% 2.

21ST plate 4 * ST riverization 5.

09% 5.

37ST plate 1 Shengbang shares 4.

97% 341.

76 chip 7ST love Asahi 4.

96% 11ST sector 0 trillion new shares 4.

82% 2.

61 lithium battery 0 Zhongxin fluorine material 4.

74% 29.

4 Fluorochemical Industry 2 New Construction Co., Ltd. 4.

39% 4.

28 rail transit 0 Beijing Quanhua 4.

35% 18.

955G1 Wanxing Technology 3.

97% 85.

72 domestic software 1 Skyrim shares 3.

92% 9.

82 lithium iron phosphate 0 Sunri shares 3.

84% 15.

96 electric bikes 7 deep sunda A3.

37% 19 flexible screen 3 Sanfu shares 3.

34% 33.

43 hydrogen energy 0 Changshan Beiming 3.

29% 10.

36 Huawei Concepts 1 Golden Eagle Shares 3.

05% 7.

78 lithium iron phosphate

70% 113.

6 Domestic chips 4 Xinpeng shares 2.

58% 8.

36 Tesla 0 Cheng Yi Tong 2.49% 9.

48 medical devices 1 Anada 2.

45% 8.

37 lithium iron phosphate 1 Xinneng Taishan 2.

02% 5.

56 Supply Chain Finance 12ST Silver Billion 1.

83% 1.

67ST plate 4 China Wuyi 1.

36% 3.

72 oversold rebounds 4 Hangfa Technology 1.

09% 17.

68 Aerospace Defense 7 Yinbang shares 0.

80% 5.

01 Tesla 2 North Special Technology 0.

64% 9.

37 Tesla 7 Andre 0.

54% 38.

95 new retail 16 East Crystal Electronics 0.

54% 11.

2 Quartz crystals 2 Jidian shares 0.

51% 3.

97 wind power 7 Zhongtian Finance 0.

46% 4.

33 real estate 3 fast travel technology 0.

40% 20.

25 games 7 era new materials 0.

28% 7.

21 wind power 6 Qianjiang motorcycle 0.

17% 11.

68 lithium iron phosphate 1ST gold expensive 0.

00% 2.

48ST plate 1 Jingwei shares 0.

00% 2.

68 hydrogen fuel cell 0 Sai Teng shares -0.

04% 49.

8 wireless headphones 5 Zhongyuan new materials -0.

07% 13.

72 Nonferrous Metals 0 Invitum-0.

67% 4.

48 hydrogen fuel cells 3 Taijing Technology-0.77% 33.

4 passive components 2 Wansheng shares -0.

93% 17.

07 New Energy Vehicles 1 Coordinate Technology-0.

97% 8.

17 lithium iron phosphate 0 Nebula shares -1.

11% 16.

98 lithium battery 0 * ST Tianma-1.

12% 1.

77ST plate 9 Datang Telecom-1.

20% 10.

665G0 reached -1 when new.

27% 6.

23 robots 7 Yuebo Power-1.

37% 23.

03Auto Parts 1 Innovative Medical-1.

47% 6.

03 Private Hospital 0 Shengda Bio-1.

53% 50.

8 Feed 4 Sichuan Jiuzhou-1.

64% 5.

41 military 0 * ST Soling-1.

89% 5.

2ST plate 0 Huaying Agriculture-1.

92% 5.

61 agricultural planting 9 Sinochem Rock and Soil-2.

07% 3.

79 intends to acquire 1 Feilong shares -2.

14% 5.

95 auto parts 8 Juhua shares -2.

33% 7.

53 Fluorochemicals 10 Haley Bio-2.

57% 17.

81 Medicine 7 China Haiphong-2.

81% 30.

49 China Shipbuilding 7 Kangda New Materials -3.

20% 18.

13 chips 4 Wuhan Holdings -3.

37% 8.

6 Sewage treatment 7 Guanghua Technology-3.94% 14.

39 lithium iron phosphate 2 get equipment -4.

77% 40.

52 folding screen 0 essence pharmaceutical-5.

43% 6.

27 Medicine 0 Molding Technology-6.

79% 14.

54 Tesla 4

COFCO Sugar (600737): Performance improvement expected when sugar prices reverse

COFCO Sugar (600737): Performance improvement expected when sugar prices reverse

1. The event company released its 深圳桑拿网 semi-annual report for 2019.

2. Our analysis and judgment 1) Affected by the low price of sugar and the downside of non-recurring profit and loss, the performance continued to decline in 2019H1. The company achieved operating income of 64.

2 trillion, -31 a year.

72%, of which the sugar trade and food processing contributed 31.

1.4 billion, 25.

49 trillion a year -48.

18%, -19.


The company’s net profit to mother 2.

99 ppm, ten years -41.

28%, net profit after returning to mother 2.

55 ppm, +4 for ten years.


Period expenses accounted for 10.

05%, one year +2.

56 points, mainly due to the significant increase in the proportion of management expenses.

In Q1 2019, the company achieved operating income of 36.

04 percent, -35.

18%; the company’s net profit attributable to 合肥夜网 the parent is 0.

98 ‰, at least -40.

25%, net profit after deduction is 0.

80,000 yuan, +229 a year.


The contraction in profit is due to the continued low price of sugar in 19H1. The average price of white sugar in Liuzhou was 5,238.

24 yuan / ton, before -10.

75%; the company’s own sugar sales price declined, and the overall sales of sugar business declined.

While the profitability of the tomato business has improved, the report can achieve a net profit of 4,209.

270,000 yuan.

In addition, part of the upstream and downstream performance is due to a significant decrease in non-recurring gains and losses.

2) The import volume is down, the sales sugar rate is good, the overlapping consumption season is good, and the sugar price has been up.


From the point of view of the sugar sales rate, this year’s sales rate is faster than in the past, and the inventory pressure is small. The sugar sales rates announced by the China Sugar Association in June and July were 70.

75%, 79.

61%, an increase of 7 per year last year.

64pct, 5.

8 points.

From the perspective of sugar imports, according to the data of the General Administration of Customs, as of July 2019, the annual amount of imported sugar is 150 tons, each time -7.

98%.We believe that sugar has entered an upward cycle, and with the advent of the peak consumer season, the driving force for sugar prices has continued to strengthen, optimistic about the future industry development.

3) The major sugar producing countries have entered a production reduction cycle, and sugar prices are expected to usher in changes in the external sugar supply and demand market and affect global and domestic sugar prices.

The 19/20 new crushing season began until August 1, S?o Paulo, Brazil, and the central and southern regions produced 919 sugar.

27 for the first time, 1333.

37 inches, at least -11%, -10%; sugar ratios are 41.

75%, 35.

31%, -0 per year.

29 tablets, 1.

15 marks.

Considering the alcohol-oil ratio and the sugar-alcohol equilibrium price, we believe that Brazilian sugar production will continue to decline.

Affected by monsoon rains, the sugarcane planting area in India is estimated to decrease by about 10%. In addition, due to the alternating effects of drought and floods, the sugarcane harvested area is further affected. We expect that India’s sugar production will decline by about 15% in the new season.

Thailand’s subsidy deficit is severe, and some farmers are turning to competing crops, and the decline in sugar production will continue.

Taken together, the three major producing countries in the world have started sugar reduction cycles. It is expected that sugar prices will also enter an upward trend, and domestic sugar prices will follow the international sugar price.


Investment suggestion As a domestic sugar trader and processor, the company continues to improve the processing technology and improve operating efficiency. At the same time, the domestic sugar price is on the upward channel, and the company’s performance is expected to usher in a significant improvement, optimistic about future development.

We expect the company’s EPS for 2019-2021 to be 0.



76 yuan, corresponding to PE is 32/20/15 times, given a “recommended” rating.


The risks indicate the risks of sugar price fluctuations, natural disaster risks, policy risks, exchange rate fluctuation risks, and so on.

Huayou Cobalt (603799): Acquisition and improvement of industrial chain highlights integration of upstream and downstream

Huayou Cobalt (603799): Acquisition and improvement of industrial chain highlights integration of upstream and downstream

Event: The company intends to purchase 100% equity of Tianjin Bamo Technology Co., Ltd. by issuing A shares, and the transaction amount is tentatively set at 3.2 billion yuan.

In addition, the company intends to purchase Luzhou Huayou Cobalt New Materials Co., Ltd. 15 by issuing shares.

68% equity, the transaction amount is tentatively set at 862.4 million yuan.

In addition, the company plans to use the inquiry method to raise matching funds from non-public issuance of shares to no more than 10 specific shareholders, and the total amount of matching financing will not exceed 3.2 billion yuan.

After applying to the Shanghai Stock Exchange, the company’s shares will resume trading on April 22, 2019.

The acquisition of Huayou Luzhou is an interbank merger.

In this transaction, the main business of the target company Huayou Luzhou is the research, development, production, and sales of cobalt, copper, and nickel products, and the company was selected as the first batch of enterprises in the “Industrial Conditions for Comprehensive Utilization of New Energy Vehicle Waste Power Battery” by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Created favorable conditions for the development of waste power battery recycling market.

After the completion of the acquisition, Huayou Yinzhou will become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Huayou Cobalt.

Acquired Tianjin Bamo to improve the industrial chain.

Bamo Technology’s main business is the development, development, and large-scale production and sales of lithium-ion battery materials. It has 北京夜网 upstream and downstream relationships with listed companies.

The company currently has a total annual production capacity of 25,000 tons.

Operating income in 2018 33.

4.4 billion yuan, net profit 8609.

30,000 yuan.

Bamo was selected into the “Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Lithium-Ion Battery Safety Standard Task Force” in 2017, marking the company’s outstanding level of lithium-ion battery research and development technology.Effectively increase company profits.

The recent rebound in cobalt prices has benefited the company’s products.

Internationally, as the downstream replenishment cycle started, demand led to a rebound in prices, and the rebound in MB cobalt prices was in line with expectations.

Domestically, cobalt prices have started to rebound, driving up the price of cobalt salts, and the implementation of internal new energy battery subsidy policies. The risks caused by uncertain factors have been lifted. Downstream battery manufacturers have increased inventory due to long-term on-demand purchases and increased replenishment demand.There is still room for upward price.

To sum up, the company is a leader in the industry and strives to implement the integration strategy of upstream, midstream and downstream.

The company holds scarce resources in the upstream, expands production capacity in the midstream, and actively deploys ternary precursor products in the downstream, effectively diversifying risks and stabilizing the overall market.

Forecast the company’s net profit for 2018-202024.

19, 30.

54, 36.

28 ppm, an increase of 27 in ten years.

6%, 26.

3%, 18.

8%, corresponding to EPS of 2.



38 yuan, the corresponding PE is 12 respectively.



5. Maintain the “overweight” rating.

Risk Warning: There is still uncertainty as to whether a major asset restructuring transaction can be reached.