[What are the contraindications to eating raisins?

]_ Diet taboos _ precautions

[What are the contraindications to eating raisins?
]_ Diet taboos _ precautions

A healthy diet can ensure that the body will not have problems, which are compared by many health care people.

Therefore, in order to achieve this purpose, the food that you usually eat must be fine, not just eat what you want. You must pay attention to the right mix.

Many foods in life have some taboos, so you must pay attention to this aspect.

So what are the contraindications to eating raisins?

First, do not eat too much at one time, do not eat too much raisins at one time, eating too much will cause the problem of excess nutrition.

It’s enough to eat a few tens of grams a day. Don’t eat endlessly while watching TV.

This way will absorb too much sugar, and the sugar that is not decomposed in time will be converted into an aunt.

Therefore, people who need to lose weight should pay more attention to it. Don’t eat more raisins to prevent more aunts from accumulating.

Second, people with diabetes can not eat. People with diabetes must strictly control the substitution of sugar. When raisins are eaten too much, sugar in raisins will be caused, so the condition of diabetes patients is very harmful.

Third, do not eat with foods with high potassium content. If raisins are eaten with foods with high potassium content, it will easily cause hyperkalemia, which will cause gastrointestinal cramps, bloating or diarrhea and arrhythmia.

There are many foods high in potassium, such as seaweed, bananas, almonds, and various legumes. If you have eaten these legumes, you need to stay for two to three hours.

When these foods are almost digested, you can eat raisins.

Fourth, raisins cannot be eaten with seafood and camel meat. Because grapes contain residual acid, when it is combined with protein, symptoms of indigestion will occur.

The protein content in seafood is high, so raisins should not be eaten with seafood.

Although camel meat appears above our lives, it is eaten in Mongolia, Inner Mongolia, and grasslands.

When raisins are eaten with camel meat, they can cause fever symptoms. In severe cases, the whole body can be burnt, which is very scary.

[The practice of three fresh shrimp stuffed _ the practice of three fresh shrimp meat]

[The practice of three fresh shrimp stuffed _ the practice of three fresh shrimp meat]

Chaos is different from the dumplings we eat every day. Chaos is small in size, thin in skin, and easy to absorb and digest. It is more suitable for the elderly and children.

Most of the chaos we eat is fresh meat chaos. In fact, chaos can also be made from Sanxian fillings. Sanxian fillings are made of pork, fungus and other materials. The meat and vegetables are mixed for more comprehensive nutrition.What exactly is the approach?

Let’s learn to make San Xian Chaos together today.

1. The eggs are broken. Keep stirring in the cold oil to keep the eggs from forming. When the eggs are finally cooked, the eggs are crushed. 2. Shredded mushrooms are placed in the fried egg pan.Mushroom flavor, then set aside to cool 3, chopped green onion and ginger into the meat, add cooking wine, soy sauce, salt, chicken essence in one direction.

Because Chinese food is not so precise, it’s all based on feeling, so just follow your usual habits.

Add a small amount of water as you beat, and it will be thick until the meat is thick.

4. Then add the shredded eggs and shiitake mushrooms, or stir 5 in the direction just before, remove the shrimp, wrap the shrimp 6, and open the package!

Put some meat stuffing and add another shrimp.

Cover and cook.

Maybe to many people, it is not a matter of “xia”, but I still remember the failure of the first time to cook the rice dumplings. They were stained, boiled, exposed, and all kinds of confusion.

In fact, cooking chaos is also skillful.

Enlarge half a pot of water and boil over high heat; put quick-frozen or fresh ravioli in boiling water and place gently, don’t lose it!

The hot water will splash out and burn you; it is very important: after you put it in the pan, you should push it gently with a spoon to prevent it from sticking to the bottom and sticking to each other. This step is neglected and the result will be very appetite!!
The pushing action should preferably continue until the water rolls again.

When the water in the pot boiled again, the maggots floated. At this time, a little cold water was poured into a pot and poured into the pot.

When the water is boiled again and all floated up, lower the heat and simmer for another 1 minute.

[Broken the head by a beer bottle]_Broken his head_What to do

[Broken the head by a beer bottle]_Broken his head_What to do

If your head is directly injured by a beer bottle, it is still dangerous, so the patient needs to go to the hospital for emergency treatment at the first time, because this situation will affect his brain tissue, and even hurt the brain.The nerves will cause glass fragments to remain in their brains. This is very serious, so the more critical patients still need to be appropriately treated with surgery.

(2) Emergency treatment requires light (Class I) () Stay in the emergency room for observation hours; () Observe the pupil vital signs and nervous system signs of consciousness; () Skull X-ray radiographs for skull CT examination if necessary; Symptomatic treatment; () Talk to your family members about the possibility of delayed intracranial hematoma.

Medium-sized (Class II) () Those who have a clear awareness stay in the emergency room or stay in the hospital for observation-those who have a conscious disorder must be hospitalized; () Observe the vital signs of the pupil and the changes in the nervous system signs; () CT scan of the skull X-ray head; SymptomaticHandling; () CT review of the head to prepare for surgery at any time when the condition changes.

Severe (Grade III) () Must be hospitalized or in the intensive care unit; () Observe conscious pupil vital signs and changes in nervous system signs; () Select head CT to monitor intracranial pressure monitoring or brain evoked potential monitoring; () Actively handle ionizationPatients with elevated intracranial pressure such as fever and restless seizures are given treatment such as dehydration to maintain good peripheral circulation and brain transplantation pressure; () Special nursing care and treatment of coma must first ensure that the airway is unobstructed; () Those with surgical indications should undergo early surgery;Brain and kidney disease has been preceded by mannitol ml and furosemide struggling bolus injection immediately.

(3) Nursing and treatment of coma patients. Long-term coma is usually caused by severe primary brain injury or secondary brain injury. The coma caused during coma should be dealt with in a timely manner. If various complications can be prevented, the internal and external environment can be kept stable and the body no longer exists.Patients with cerebral palsy are affected by adverse factors such as hypoxic nutrition disorders or water and electrolyte disorders, and a considerable number of patients are expected to improve their prognosis.

Urinary retention: long-term retention of catheters is a gradual transformation of urinary tract infections using non-urinary catheterization methods.

Such as urinary bladder massage with hot compresses when the bladder has not been excessively expanded; sterilization must be strictly performed during catheterization.

Select a high-quality silicone catheter with a capsule and remove the catheter as soon as possible. The indwelling time should not exceed -days; regular urine routine urinary bacterial culture and drug sensitivity tests require long-term urinary catheterization may consider performing suprapubic cystostomy to reduce urination.Department of infection.

[What is most effective if you don’t want to be pregnant]_How to eat_How to eat

[What is most effective if you don’t want to be pregnant]_How to eat_How to eat

Some people do not intend to become pregnant and do not want to take contraceptives, because contraceptives are more harmful to the body, so they want to improve them through diet.

However, the effect of contraception only from diet is basically zero. If you do not want to become pregnant, the two people must first reach a consensus, and then pay attention when you are in the same room. Measures can be prepared in advance to ensure that you will not become pregnant.

What to do if you do n’t want to get pregnant after having sex in the same room, do n’t want to get pregnant after sexual intercourse, you can take emergency contraceptives afterwards, so you can avoid taking the active 72 hours after pregnancy. Generally, you can overcome the consequences and you do n’t need to worry.

Take emergency contraceptives in a timely manner: Oral emergency contraceptives should be taken within 72 hours (as soon as possible) of a contraceptive failure or no contraception.

After taking the oral contraceptive pill, during this menstrual cycle, no non-contraceptive intercourse should occur.

Women who take part in accidental injuries or have unprotected sex due to other reasons, or certain self-confidence failures such as broken condoms, slippage, and miscalculation of the safety period can consider taking emergency contraceptives, which are effective within 72 hours after intercourse.Time to have sex again should be recalculated.

Healthy women of childbearing age should be applied within 72-120 hours of sexual life after excluding pregnancy.

If you have been pregnant for one month, and the possibility of miscarriage through sexual life is not high, you should generally consider medical abortion or induced abortion.

Normal sexual life does not cause miscarriages, unless women have a history of habitual abortion, so this sex life will not cause miscarriages. It is recommended that if you do not have children, it is best to go to the hospital early to choose a suitable terminationPregnancy style, the earlier the damage is smaller.

Do not want to get pregnant after sharing the room, the best way is to use condoms to prevent contraception, this is currently the safest, the safety period is not very safe.

1. If you don’t want to get pregnant in the near future, you can eat a little carrot appropriately. This will reduce ovulation and reduce the chance of pregnancy.

2. Women who drink more than one cup of coffee a day are half as likely to become pregnant as those who do not drink a small amount of beverages.

So coffee is the best choice for confidence.

3. Celery is rich in nutrition. You can choose to eat celery, which will reduce sperm vitality and is a good ingredient for contraception. 4. Papaya contains enzyme-papain, which can interact with progesterone to achieve contraceptive effects.

4. Soy is rich in isoflavone phytoestrogens, which will affect the levels of male hormones in men, thus reducing the chance of pregnancy.

5. The main ingredient of milk tea is hydrogenated vegetable oil, which is a trans fatty acid.

Trans fatty acids reduce the secretion of male hormones and interrupt the sperm’s response in the body.

6. Sunflower seeds have spermicidal and contraceptive effects, and the protein portion of sunflower seeds affects sperm growth.

What do kidney disease patients eat in winter?

Just remember these three principles

What do kidney disease patients eat in winter?
Just remember these three principles

What do kidney disease patients eat in winter?

Have kidney disease, what can I eat?

What can’t you eat?

These problems are often overwhelming.

In fact, there is no need to remember so much at all. Just remember the following three dietary principles.

Principles of winter diet principles for patients with kidney disease: Light diet, please note: light diet and limited salt.

When talking about a light diet, everyone will think of the saying that “the salt should not exceed 3 grams per day”, which is actually only for patients with severe resonance disorder in the uremia stage.

Unless there is severe water and sodium retention, it means that the ability to metabolize sodium ions is seriously reduced, otherwise there is no need to deliberately limit salt.

The light diet of patients with kidney disease, just do not be too hot, too salty, too greasy. In fact, most people’s daily diet is a light diet, only a small number of people who are like meat or spicy people need to restrain.

Principle 2: High-quality low-protein so-called high-quality low-protein, is aimed at a large number of urine protein or patients with high edema caused by decreased plasma albumin.

As a large amount of protein leaks, causing a decrease in plasma albumin, which causes edema, and edema can cause complications such as heart failure and pulmonary edema, so it is necessary to supplement the protein, that is, to absorb high-quality protein.

Why are you still low in protein?

Because protein leakage itself can damage the renal filtration barrier, it is necessary to reduce protein injection.

For patients with kidney disease, the daily protein intake is preferably controlled at 0 kg per kg.

6-1 grams.

The food source of high quality protein can be milk, eggs, fish, soy, etc.

Principle 3: Balanced nutrition is the most easily overlooked and the most important principle.

Some patients are overly obsessed with the implementation of dietary restrictions, resulting in fewer types of foods to choose from, which is actually not true.

Even if you are sick, the body’s need for nutrition is not fundamentally changed and needs to be obtained from a variety of foods.

If a certain food is forcibly excluded, it may lead to the lack of certain nutrients, which is not good for the treatment of kidney disease.

In addition, eight-point fullness is also an important dietary principle.

It can be said that as long as the nutritional balance is maintained and the eight-point fullness is maintained, it can be called a “healthy diet.”

Drugs for the elderly should start from small

Drugs for the elderly should start from “small”

The increase in age is often accompanied by changes in the organization and function of various organs, and the metabolism of drugs in the body will change accordingly.
Therefore, it is important to master the dose when taking medication in the elderly.
  The responsiveness of the elderly to different drugs is different.
Some target organs have increased sensitivity to drugs and increased curative effects, such as central nervous system drugs, anticoagulants, diuretics and antihypertensive drugs; some have reduced sensitivity of target organs to a small number of drugs, and reduced efficacy, such as receptor agonists.With retarders and so on.
Mutual effects between diseases and drugs may lead to an increase in adverse drug reactions.
  Older people should be familiar with the characteristics of various drugs and various dosage forms, and choose safe drugs with good curative effect, small side effects, and specific diseases. Do not choose drugs by themselves, or add or subtract the dose of drugs.
For older people who are younger, lighter, and poorer, they should be used from the “minimum dose”, which is 1/5, 1/4, 1/3, 1/2 of the “adult amount” on the drug label.2/3, 3/4, etc. are used sequentially.
It is generally recommended to use the half dose or 1/3 of the adult dose as the starting dose, and then observe the patient’s response and the improvement of the condition, and adjust the stability to a reasonable dose.
  However, it should be noted that some oral drugs cannot be opened or crushed, so it is necessary to read through the instructions of the instructions.
For example, some enteric-coated tablets, controlled-release tablets, and sustained-release tablets, because of the special materials on the surface, can not be taken apart, except for special scratches on the surface.
  In short, the elderly individuals have large differences, and the doses can be several times different, such as antipyretic analgesics, β-blockers, etc., so it is advocated to carry out individualized drug administration, purposeful drug testing, and careful observation of drugs.Effects and reactions, find out the rules of individual medication.
Older friends should actively cooperate with physicians to get the most reasonable doses as soon as possible.

Long-term insomnia is related to lack of sexual life

Long-term insomnia is related to lack of sexual life

There is no “sex” to worry about the nervous system. Bao Tingtao pointed out that the sexual insomnia caused by insomnia can be divided into two situations. One is long-term depression without sexual behavior, and the other is that although there is sexual behavior, there is no long-term climax.

“Especially in the latter case, it is easier to be ignored by everyone, and its harm is also possible.

  For women, in addition to causing insomnia, the entire reproductive system and pelvic congestion can not quickly resolve, the cerebral cortex and spinal cord are still in a state of continuous tension, can not be calm, sexual desire can not be satisfied, in the long run, it will endanger physical health.

  Bao Tingtao reminded that husband and wife should have a harmonious sex life, even single people should be masturbating regularly.

If there is no substantive exchange, caress, kisses, etc. also help sleep.

  Adult sex women are also prone to insomnia. Sleep is a normal physiological need for people. Deep, sweet sleep is what everyone wants, but anyone in their long life will inevitably experience insomnia.

Spirit, trauma, drugs, and strong tea can also cause insomnia.

So, does sexual life disharmony and imperfection lead to insomnia?

The answer is naturally yes.

  American physiologists have done a lot of investigations, and the survey found that imperfect sexual life is an important reason for some people to lose sleep.

When a person is in a period of high sexual desire and is less prone to venting, the nervous system is in a state of high excitement, worried about uneasiness, irritability, and then insomnia will follow.

This is more prominent in women.

This is because male and female sexual desire, orgasm and libido have faded and there are cracks in the moment.

Male sexual desire can be quickly stimulated, and sexual orgasm can be reached quickly during the whole sexual intercourse. After sexual orgasm, sexual desire can quickly subside.

Therefore, once a person reaches orgasm (even after masturbation), he can quickly fall asleep.

But women are different. Women’s sexual desires must have a combined launching process. The “platform” period has also been until the sexual desire has subsided, and the decline of sexual desire is slow, so women are more difficult to achieve perfect harmony than men in sexual intercourse.To the extent that women are more likely to develop insomnia.

Therefore, American psychologists suggest that normal sexual life or sexual disharmony is an important cause of insomnia in women.

  A perfect and harmonious sex life promotes sleep.

After the passionate and unrestrained sexual behavior, the nervous and torso body trunks are relaxed, the muscles regain their stretch after the satisfaction of the tiredness, and the mind relaxes after the pleasant drift.

Therefore, the couple need to enjoy the wonderful experience brought about by sex life, and then go to sleep together.

Therefore, American psychologists suggest that normal sexual life or sexual disharmony is an important cause of insomnia in women.

Watching TV also makes you fat

Watching TV also makes you fat

Watching TV also makes you fat.

do you know?

Watching TV for 2 hours a day, the chance of obesity increases by 23%!

Recall how many times have you spent before TV from childhood to the present?

When you are facing which series of dramas are good-looking, which protagonist is beautiful, and which cartoons you miss, do you know everything, and almost no programs can escape your eyes?

Then you have to start to pay attention to the following content, you have already moved to too many through trains?
Please stop the enthusiasm of watching TV!

  Be careful!

TV does make you fat!

The latest research published by Harvard University recently confirmed the fact that TV is getting fatter in adult women. Therefore, if you watch TV for a longer time, your weight may be higher!

  According to the survey, domestic women see an average of 3 per person per day.

5 hours of TV, counted, 24 per week.

5 hours, 1/7 of the time in one week is watching TV!

Watching TV destroys your body.

  When watching TV, the head will be in a state of stagnation, so that even the continuous burning work will slow down a lot, compared to other static activities, such as receiving e-mail, waiting for the red light when traffic jam, much less.

And the metabolic rate when watching TV is also quite low, and in all activities, it is only higher than sleeping.

  According to the latest research, the number of obese people who watch TV for 3-4 hours a day is almost twice that of people who watch TV less than 1 hour a day. The rate of obesity when watching TV for more than 4 hours is more than 2 times.

  For every 2 hours of watching TV, the chance of getting fat will increase by 23%. For those who watch TV for 3-5 hours a day, the chance of obesity will increase by 70%, and the chance of having diabetes may increase to 40%.

  In addition to slow metabolism and low levels of burning, when watching TV, many people like to eat snacks is also the main cause of weight gain, plus the mood will also fluctuate with the plot, when the mood is not good, there will be a desire to eat.

Not to mention, there are many food shows, tempting food advertisements that are attracting you to buy!

  Watching TV destroys your health. Watching TV makes the habit of drinking and smoking more ingrained. The time of exercise is greatly reduced. This kind of living habits greatly increases the chance of suffering from cardiovascular disease.

  The survey also found that people who watch too many TVs have a very bad eating habit. They always like to eat sweets, fried foods with saturated fatty acids, red meat, refined dough, and rarely fish that help with weight loss.Fruits and vegetables!

  What is even more worrying is that TV is hurting health in another indirect way, and to a greater extent!

Because after watching TV, reading newspapers, surfing the Internet, reading books, playing chess and other leisure time is relatively reduced, research shows that the metabolic rate of watching TV is slower than doing other static activities!

  Even if the TV switch has been turned off, the impact of TV on people will continue.

After watching TV, many people are always lazy and passive. They can’t concentrate on doing the other thing below, and they are low alert and full of sense of loss.

  How to do?

If you are already 5 kilograms fat, but you don’t want to give up TV, you don’t have the TV to accompany you, how boring life will be, then what should you do not see more TV, but also become fat?

  Want to watch TV without getting fat?

Please initialize!

  The most important and most important task is to separate the food from the TV. For example, when you have dinner, you sit at the table and wait until after dinner to turn on the TV. This will make you get used to eating consistently and consistently.
  Don’t underestimate this simple method, this is an important key, because most people eat too much if they eat while watching TV.

  Studies have shown that girls who watch TV for more than 21 hours a week, and the proportion of girls who only watch one hour a day, absorb almost 100 cards per day, so that after 1 year, they may gain 5kg faster.

  And when watching TV, it is the best time to enjoy food. Think about it. If you go online or read a book, and then eat, you will find it very inconvenient, because you have to hold the mouse or flip the book in one hand, the other hand.If you want to hold food, you will worry about presetting the computer and the book. You can’t eat it at will!

  Watching TV is not the same. Just open your eyes and keep your posture comfortable. If you press the remote control occasionally, you want to eat and drink, no trouble!

  I suggest that when you watch TV, you will hide all the snacks or give them to people. If you watch TV, it is too boring, then you can hit the wool or hook a small tea mat!

If you have something to do at hand, you won’t be too embarrassed!

Running for the body, 13

years of long-term running

Running for the body, 13 years of long-term running


Eyes: People who insist on long-distance running have a day and a little time to look into the distance every day. This is a good relaxation for the eyes. If you have school-age children at home, you can keep running every day, and the chance of myopia is definitely reduced.


Distal, shoulder, spine: People who often sit in front of the computer will have some cervical vertebrae, shoulder problems, correct running posture, posture is straight and relaxed, long-term adherence to the cervical spine and shoulders is very large.improve.


Heart: Persistence in running will give you a powerful heart and cardiovascular function.

The amount of oxygen delivered to various organs of the body is greatly increased while increasing the maximum oxygen uptake, and the quality of work of each organ is naturally greatly improved.

In addition, the middle and long-distance running will accelerate the blood circulation, so that the coronary artery has enough blood to supply the heart muscle, thereby preventing various cardiovascular diseases.

Through the movement of the lower limbs, venous blood is promoted back to the heart, and intravenous thrombosis is also prevented.


Blood: With a strong cardiovascular system, the blood quality of runners is better than that of ordinary people. The body’s adaptive changes to long-term long-distance running can improve metabolism and reduce blood lipids and cholesterol levels.


Lungs and respiratory system: Long-term middle and long-distance running exercise makes the lung function stronger and expands lung capacity.

Regular long-term long-distance running can develop the respiratory muscles of the lungs, so that the amount of ventilation increases and the lung function is enhanced.


Liver: Running improves and eliminates obese liver.


Abdomen: Adhere to long-term running can effectively remove the aunt of the abdomen, so that you have a bodybuilding, cheekbones.


Waist, chest: The change of running to the body is first reflected in these two positions. Many people have had such experience. After starting to run again, the weight has not been significantly reduced, but the body has improved significantly, especially the waistline has become morePretty.


Correction: Running can improve the blood circulation of the whole body, and it has a great effect on it. Although some people may feel severe pain when they first start running, the progressive accumulation and strength exercises gradually become more and moreThe stronger it is.


Leg muscles: The muscle tissue of people who often run will also change. After repeated exercise, you will find that the muscles in the legs will become very strong and fit.


Gastrointestinal: Middle and long-distance running makes people feel full and optimistic, improve appetite, strengthen digestive function, promote nutrient absorption, and greatly improve gastrointestinal function.


Whole body muscles: long-term middle and long-distance running can strengthen the muscles of the lungs, muscles, muscles, chest muscles, chest muscles, arm muscles and waist, buttocks, thighs, calves, feet, etc., so that the upper and lower muscles are not easy to accumulate lactic acid or carbon dioxide.Metabolites.

Running can be said to be the basis of all sports and translates into a positive impact on your participation in other sports.

Bone: Long-term long-distance running can increase the strength of each joint, the softness of the ligaments; increase the strength and density of the bones, and avoid degenerative osteoporosis from the elderly to the elderly.

What are the two dietary remedies for the elderly fracture?

What are the two dietary remedies for the elderly fracture?

The function of all aspects of the body of an elderly friend is gradually expanding, and the bones are becoming looser and looser. If too many falls fall, the fracture may occur.

So, what is good for the elderly fracture?

What is good for the elderly fracture?

With these questions, go to the text to see the old-age health methods that are easy to fracture!

  Calcium supplementation in the elderly is a major event because the elderly suffer from fractures due to osteoporosis.

Do you know what is good for fractures?

Take a look at the food recommended by Xiaobian.

  What is good for the fracture of the elderly? 1, sardines in all fish, sardines have the best calcium supplement after fracture.

Each 100 grams of sardine contains 184 mg of calcium, and with the addition of vitamin D, it is beneficial to promote the absorption and utilization of calcium.

In addition, sardines are also rich in vitamin B-12, which is an important source of nutrients for the brain and nervous system.

  2, pakchoi per 100 grams of Chinese cabbage contains 103 mg of calcium, cabbage also supplements vitamins A, C, carotene and potassium to help balance body minerals.

  3, the calcium content of kale in every 100 grams of kale is as high as 195 mg, while the same quality of milk is about 100 mg.

In addition, kale is rich in nutrients such as carotene, vitamin C and vitamin A.

In addition to calcium supplementation, it also helps with vision maintenance.

  4, almonds per 100 grams of almond slices containing 272 mg of calcium, almonds are one of the nuts beneficial to human health, vitamin E and potassium.

Almonds also provide the “good” adults the body needs, and eating in moderation can lower cholesterol.

When it comes to vitamin E supplementation, you have to mention the natural vitamin E soft capsule.

  5, after broccoli fracture can eat more broccoli, broccoli is rich in nutrients, containing protein, sugar, traces, vitamins and carotene, nutrients are the first of its kind, in calcium, it is also a must, a copyCooked broccoli contains 180 mg of calcium, and the amount of two cups exceeds the amount of calcium in a cup of milk.

What is better for fracture patients to eat?

A balanced diet is very important after the wound is consumed. Nutrition support is needed. The healing of the fracture and the repair of the tissue require a balanced diet. The five nutrients, proteins, traces, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals required by the body must be ingested.Increasing the amount of protein implanted, collagen-coated pigskin or trotters are beneficial for fracture healing;

Supplementing calcium and vitamin D, lysine eats calcium-containing foods and foods that promote calcium absorption, such as shrimp, sesame paste, soy products, and dairy products.


Vitamin C supplementation is a fracture healing promoter. Eat more vitamin C supplements for patients with fractures. Vitamin C supplements include hawthorn, fresh dates, kiwi, strawberry, longan, lychee, citrus, vegetables, tomatoes, and peppers.Sweet pepper, bitter gourd, watercress, cauliflower, green leeks, etc.


Replenish minerals and eat more copper, zinc, and iron.

Seafood, soy, etc. contain more zinc; cereals, egg yolk and other manganese-containing doping.


Supplementing cellulose, eating more vegetables, fruits, in addition to providing vitamins, minerals, but also because of high fiber content, can increase bowel movements, easy to break constipation during bed rest, such as crude fiber vegetable celery, leek and so on.

There are also bananas, honey, etc.;

Eat less sugar and salt and try to eat less sugar and salt because it will destroy the fracture healing process.

At the same time, smoking significantly inhibited fracture healing.

2 treatments for healing fractures, 250 grams of remedies for mid-fracture, 5 grams of Chuanxiong, 6 grams of angelica, 10 grams of white peony, 12 grams of rehmannia, 15 grams of astragalus, 3 red dates, 3 slices of ginger.

Addition and subtraction: upper limb fracture plus Guizhi 6 grams, trunk fracture plus Eucommia 10 grams, lower extremity fracture plus 15 grams of Achyranthes.

  Practice: So clean the material, pour it into the pot, add some water, stew.

  How to use: Drink soup and drink 2 times a week.

  Efficacy: qi and nourishing, reconcile the camp, suitable for mid-fracture consumption.

  Second, the late treatment of dietary remedies: continuation, sputum, dog ridge, white peony 10 grams, 15 grams of astragalus, 12 grams of rehmannia, 5 grams of Chuanxiong, 6 grams of angelica, 3 slices of ginger, 3 red dates, pigs live pigs250 grams of ribs.

  Addition and subtraction: upper limb fracture plus cassia twig 6 grams, trunk fracture plus Eucommia 10 grams, lower limb fracture plus achyranthes 15 grams.
  Practice: clean the material, put it into the pot, add the appropriate amount of water stew.
  How to use: Drink soup, 2-3 times a week, for 3-4 weeks.

  Efficacy: qi and nourishing blood, strong bones and strong bones, suitable for later consumption of fractures.

  People are most afraid of fractures, and fractures are even more painful for the elderly. Both their health deterioration will drag down their family care.

The above is a summary of the treatment of the elderly fractures and treatment of fractures, hope that Xiaobian’s recommendation can help the elderly friends who have fractures!