[The hard bag growing out of the chin is very painful. Be careful about these reasons]_How to cause_ What is going on

[The hard bag growing out of the chin is very painful. Be careful about these reasons]_How to cause_ What is going on

Now people often have some acne, acne and the like, but some people will grow a hard mass in the chin, and the pain is especially uncomfortable, it always makes people feel very painful. Actually, the mass in the chinIt can be considered that it is caused by endocrine disorders, because of poor schedules, and without a good rest time, endocrine disorders occur on the skin, which gradually causes some skin diseases on the chin.

Method / Step 1. Endocrine disorders.

The main cause of acne at the far end is caused by endocrine disorders. When endocrine disorders cause increased male hormones, sweat pores become larger and the skin is relatively rough, which leads to secreted oil and acne.Bacterial reproduction creates prerequisites; Tips: Lead to endocrine disorders in the body, and endocrine adjustments can be made. It is recommended that you go to the relevant dermatology hospital for treatment work. 2. Bad habits.

Frequently, this kind of bad work and rest habits is also the reason that acne has been growing. Staying up late for a long time can easily lead to endocrine disorders in the body and cause the growth of acne. Tips: Pay attention to maintaining good work and rest habits.Good skin; 3. Pay little attention to personal hygiene.

For example, I do n’t like to wash my hands, I often touch my face with my hands, and I change the sheets and pillowcases from time to time. This can easily cause acne bacteria in the hair follicles to multiply, and lead to the growth of acne. Tips: Usually pay more attention to your personal hygiene, wash your hands frequently, change the sheets and quilts regularly; 4. Irregular diet.

For example, in daily life, often overeating, often eating some fried foods and irritating foods such as onions, garlic, peppers, etc., can easily cause various body factors to be stimulated, leading to the growth of acne; small tips: develop a good dietHabits, eat more vegetables and fruits to prevent constipation and indigestion; 5, physical immunity decline.

It is conceivable that when the body’s immunity decreases, naturally our skin’s disease resistance will also decline, which will cause the skin to become susceptible to acne and lead to the growth of acne; small tips: pay attention to the nutritional mix and eatVegetables and fruits are already rich in protein-rich foods to improve the body’s resistance; 6, life is too stressful.

Today’s fast-paced life has led to a gradual increase in stress in our lives. Various stresses in life and work have led to confusion in work and rest. Often in a state of tension, which has led to a series of acne.Large, you should learn to relax. Some say that you can go out for tourism, mountain climbing, etc., to open your mood;

The skin of this kind of body is very easy to produce oil, which will cause the skin pores to be blocked. Tips: Pay attention to the cleansing of the skin, eat more fruits and vegetables, stay up late;

[The easiest dessert practice in history]_ making method _ practice Daquan

[The easiest dessert practice in history]_ making method _ practice Daquan

Every girl wants a petty bourgeoisie, more refined, and more fun, so many girls in life will arrange their lives well, and their skills will be a little bit.

When friends meet, there are several good foods that can entertain girlfriends and share their longing for the good.

Let ‘s teach friends the simplest desserts in the history of the party, everyone can learn.

First, fruit sago ingredients: sago, milk (or coconut milk), fruit (strawberry, watermelon, apple or your favorite fruit).

Method: 1. Wash the sago in clean water, then boil a pot of water and put the sago in the boiling water.

(Note: Stir with a spoon while cooking, otherwise the sago will stick to the bottom of the pot) 2. Cook until the sago is translucent, then boil the sago and hot water, then boil a pot of boiling water, and cook just before the translucentSimmer sago in good water and cook in boiling water.

Cook until everything is clear and pour boiling water.

3. Cook a small pot of milk and add some sugar.

(Recommendation: use coconut milk instead of milk, coconut milk will be more fragrant, if you don’t like coconut milk, milk is also OK.

) 4, pour the milk into sago and cook together, do not cook for too long.

Put the cooked sago milk in the refrigerator until it freezes.

When Simi is good, the water will be too cold, so it will be Q.

5. Finally, cut your favorite fruit into diced sago.

Second, ginger hit milk material: ginger, milk.

Method: 1. Wash the ginger to remove the skin. You can use a juicer and juicer to squeeze the ginger for later use. 2. Heat the milk, add sugar, mix it to your favorite sweetness, and turn it off when it is hot; 3.The milk is cooled to 70-80 degrees; 4. Now that ginger is hitting milk, there are a few things to note: you can’t take ginger juice into milk, it must be milk into ginger juice, actually it can’t be said that it is poured intoIt is to rush into the ginger juice, and it must be done in one go, not intermittently. If you want to rush, you must rush in once, otherwise it cannot be coagulated.

It’s best to have a bit more energy when rushing.

The so-called ginger hit milk is like this; 5, after the milk is poured into the ginger juice, do not move, wait quietly for the milk to condense, if the ginger is good, it will condense within 5 minutes.

Generally wait for 5-15 minutes, the milk will solidify, as if it is a little thinner than the pudding; 6, finished, ready to taste.

Three, lotus seed lily red bean paste material: red beans 500g, white lotus seeds 30g, white He 10g, appropriate amount of Chen Pei, rock sugar about 500g Practice: 1, first wash red beans, white lotus seeds, white He, soaked in water for two hours 2, boil water, putRed beans (and soaked soy water) and rinds, lotus seeds, and lilies are placed in the pot 3, boil the water in a medium low heat for two hours, and finally use a high fire for about half an hour 4, cook until the red beans have sand and there is still a certain amount of water, You can add sugar to taste, sweetness according to personal preference

[The five foods men eat less and healthier!

[The five foods men eat less and healthier!

Men must not eat soy. Soy will affect male sexual characteristics and reduce sperm count. Reason: Soy is a food containing estrogen characteristics. Excessive intake will affect male sexual characteristics.

In addition, there are some foods that men cannot eat?

First, the fat consequences: let men do nothing.

Why: Red meat (beef, bacon, sausage, luncheon meat) keeps you strong.

Saturated fatty acids and cholesterol make blood vessels narrow, including blood vessels that transport blood to the sex site. The younger brother has insufficient blood supply during sex, which makes it difficult to orgasm!

Measures: Want to eat well and vigorously, but also want to lift up, eat some oysters!

Oysters have long been known as “famous products of love”, and science has indeed proved this traditional saying.

2-3 oysters Oysters can meet the human body’s zinc needs throughout the day, and zinc is just an important source of minerals to maintain the normal function of male reproductive system.

Zinc becomes full of men “sex”!


[Snacks in Urumqi]_Urumqi_Species

[Snacks in Urumqi]_Urumqi_Species

Every place has its own special food, and Urumqi is the same. People who often go to Urumqi know that Urumqi has a lot of gourmet snacks, but people who have never been to it before, may not know if they go for the first timeThere are some gourmet snacks to eat in Urumqi. There are many best specialties in Urumqi. The following introduces Urumqi’s cuisine.

Urumqi snacks Xinjiang fried noodles Xinjiang fried noodles are a specialty snack in Xinjiang.

The main ingredients are ramen, lamb, onion, green pepper, etc. Flour with high-gluten flour is more effective and tastes fresh and spicy.

Roasted buns Roasted buns (Salsa in Uighur) and thin-skinned buns (Pittelman in Uighur) are one of the favorite foods among Uighur compatriots.

In urban and rural Bazaar restaurants, food stalls often sell this kind of food.

Roasted buns are mainly roasted in pits.

The bun skin is rolled thin with the dead side, and the four sides are folded into a square.

The stuffing of buns is made with diced lamb, diced sheep tail, onion, cumin powder, refined salt and pepper powder. Add a small amount of water and mix well.

Paste the wrapped raw buns in the pit and bake them in a few minutes. The skin is yellow and bright, the skin is crispy and tender, and the flavor is fresh and oily.

Naren Naren is a delicacies in Xinjiang pastoral area, which has obvious characteristics of pastoral area.

This dish is also called finger meat or finger lamb noodle.

Usually cooked with mutton, horse meat, beef, is ethnic flavor foods such as Kazakh, Kirgiz.

The trick of this kind of noodles is to use the right amount of salt to make the noodles firm, and the broth must be thick.

In the past, noble guests came, and herdsmen killed sheep to make such meals to entertain.

Naren generally like to eat with milk tea, because milk tea can be greasy.

Rice intestine is a famous cricket made with amniotic fluid.

The method is to wash the lamb’s lungs and sheep’s large intestine, wash the gluten noodles with water, add oil and salt in a paste form, pour into the lungs, tighten the trachea, and boil in water for about two hours.

The rice intestines are chopped lamb liver, sheep heart, sheep intestine oil, pepper, cumin powder, refined salt and mixed with rice. Boil with water, wait for half an hour, pierce the intestines to make them leak, and cook for one hourCooked.

Smoked Horse Sausage The smoked horse meat and smoked horse intestine of Yili, Xinjiang are the essential food for Kazakhs to winter, and from the end of November to December every year, it is the peak season for bacon of Kazakh herders.

At this time, they have to choose some beef, horses and sheep that are fat and strong for slaughter for winter consumption.

In order to shorten the storage time of these meats, they have adopted the method of many years-smoked.

Beginning in the early winter, the Kazakhs will slaughter livestock to prepare winter meat, marinate and smoke overwinter, and the smoked meat will be rich in flavor and resistant to storage.

The bacon sold in the market is basically similar. Add some condiments such as cumin, pepper, pepper, onion, etc., which can be cooked and steamed.

Smoked horse sausage is the best in bacon.

Shish kebab is the most famous ethnic snack in Xinjiang.

The main ingredients are lamb, onion, and salt.

Pickling marinated lamb and onion to reduce odor.

[It’s normal to have sex once a few days]_sex room_sex life

[It’s normal to have sex once a few days]_sex room_sex life

Making love still requires moderation, otherwise the kidneys can’t stand it.

Having the right amount of sex can make your mood happy.

It is more conducive to work and study, and the quality of life is greatly improved.

The older the average, the lower the sexual requirements.

It mainly depends on your own physical condition and must not be stubborn.

You can have sex if you have physical needs. It is boring to specify good sex.

Sex is all about love.

The method of age multiplied by 9 means that if you are 30 years old, the number of sexual intercourse should be 30 times 9 equals 27, which is 7 times in 20 days, and the number of sexual intercourse should be 40 times 9 equal to 36, which is 6 times in 30 days.For your own similar age comparison calculation, you can refer to it or decide based on your physical conditions.

Don’t hurt your body.

It varies from person to person. Generally, young people can do it every day more and more as they grow older. It is generally recommended 3-4 times a week 20-30 years old 2-3 times a week 30-After -40 years of age and 40, you can decide to have regular sex on your own. Excessive longevity will damage your body. Suggestions: The lowest bottom line for sex is that you will not feel tired after getting up the next day.

The frequency of sexual life cannot be prescribed mechanically, or it should be adjusted appropriately according to the specific circumstances of both parties.

Suggestions: As long as the two parties do not feel tired, but feel full of emotions and work vigorously, it indicates that the sexual life is moderate.

If there is a phenomenon such as loss of fine seed, light head, light appetite, dizziness, flustering, etc., it means that there is some excess, and temperance should be added.

There are a few couples with strong sexual desire, who always have sexual intercourse, and both parties are still refreshed and energetic, and should be considered appropriate.

Generally speaking, regardless of gender, regardless of age or age, when sexual excitement is produced, as long as it is not reluctant and there is no uncomfortable feeling, then you can have sex, regardless of how long you have to wait.

Suggestions: Suggestions: As long as you are full the next day after sex, you will be physically happy.

If you have sexual intercourse: mental burnout, listlessness, general weakness, sore waist, soft legs, shortness of breath, loss of appetite, etc., you can be temperate.

But don’t worry about it, too much general life. Once you rest, pay attention to rest, strengthen nutrition, and no longer hinder your health.

[Can pregnant women eat licorice plums]_Pregnancy_Effects

[Can pregnant women eat licorice plums]_Pregnancy_Effects

Can pregnant women eat licorice plums? The plums taste good and can be appetizing. Many women and children like to eat plums, but never eat too much.

Eating too much plum may also cause discomfort!

Huamei is artificially processed. Many products contain more preservatives. Eating too much is not good for the human body.

And in the process of processing, candied fruits such as plums have added too much sugar or salt, and even some have added too many pigments and flavors, so it may affect human health.
Long-term consumption of foods with high salt content will cause the human body to ingest large amounts of salt for a long time, which may induce symptoms such as hypertension.

In addition, although the plum is delicious, the conversion is also quite high.

The speed of a single plum is about 4,000 kcal, because it contains a lot of sugar and salt.

Therefore, if you eat more plums, it is also likely to cause obesity. Naturally, people who lose weight should not eat more, otherwise it will result in less weight.

Because of this, Huamei is also the top few snacks that are not good, so it is better to eat less.

Although there are too many positive effects of Huamei, occasionally taking one or two tablets after meals can also promote digestion.

But do n’t eat more plums, otherwise it will still cause some adverse effects on the body.

Pregnant women and children are even more unfit to eat plums. This snack can only be eaten occasionally as an appetizer.

What to eat in early pregnancy?

Recipe ingredients: 50 grams of oatmeal-free oatmeal, 200 ml of milk.

The specific method is to put the oatmeal in a cup with a lid, pour in an appropriate amount of boiling water, and cover it for 5 minutes; add 200 ml of hot milk when drinking.

You can also add a tablespoon of fried and crushed black sesame to the oatmeal.

Health Tip: Oatmeal in the staple food has the highest calcium content. Drinking it with milk and black sesame can have a good calcium supplement in the axial direction.

Sweet buns with jam.

The ingredients of the recipe include main ingredients: 500 grams of wheat flour, 100 grams of walnuts, and 100 grams of sesame; auxiliary materials: 50 grams of peanut kernels, 100 grams of tomato sauce, 20 grams of green peppers; seasoning: 80 grams of caster sugar, and 20 grams of apple sauce.

The specific method is to place the wok on the fire and fry the walnut kernel, sesame, and peanut kernels after being heated; peel the peanuts and crush them with the walnut kernel, put them into a small pot, add sesame, sugar, and jam;Put the steamed bun in the basin, add water and form the dough, sprinkle the dry powder on the chopping board, take out the dough and knead it, knead it into long strips, cut into about 50 grams of noodles, and use a noodle stick to roll into a thicker circle in the middlePeel, add the adjusted filling, put into a crescent shape or round shape, and stick the green and red pepper on the top, steam for about 20 minutes in the basket.

Health Tip: This dish is rich in amino acids, which can help expectant mothers to supplement amino acids.

In addition, pregnant women must maintain the nutrition they need and also provide the nutrition needed for the diet. Therefore, the nutrition of breakfast in the first trimester is very important for the health of the mother and the normal development of the fetus.

The pregnant woman’s diet should be rich, and nutrition should be comprehensive. Protein, trace amounts, sugars, minerals and vitamins should be increased than usual.

If the nutritional deficiency during pregnancy is harmful to the health of pregnant women, leading to weak constitution.

Well, breakfast in early pregnancy should be full of nutrition.

Protein grows a bit faster, and the diet should be rich in protein, minerals and vitamins, especially protein should be stored in part for breastfeeding later.

Vegetables such as rapeseed, cabbage, carrots, tomatoes, pumpkin, potatoes, and shallots contain iron, calcium and various vitamins.

Vegetables contain a lot of cellulose, which can prevent the occurrence of constipation in pregnant women.

Meat, fish, eggs and other foods are rich in animal protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron and various vitamins.

Beans and soy products are plant proteins that contain calcium and phosphorus. Although they are incomplete proteins, in the case of some animal proteins, they can be obtained from beans or tofu, soybean milk, bean sprouts and other soy products.

If you feel that nutrition can not keep up, you can eat low iron sulfate, blood iron and vitamin C, so as to avoid anemia in pregnant women.

In order to make full use of calcium and phosphorus in pregnant women, they must also be exposed to sunlight and fresh air.

[Can confinement eat mushroom and chicken stew]_Postpartum_Effect

[Can confinement eat mushroom and chicken stew]_Postpartum_Effect

Although the pregnancy period is a period when women need to pay great attention to their own bodies, in fact, during confinement, female friends also need to pay attention to their own bodies, so as to help the body recover quickly after giving birth.

Shiitake stewed chicken is a home-style seasoning. It combines the flavor of shiitake mushrooms with the flavor of chicken, so shiitake stewed chicken is a dish with all colors and flavors.

But can mothers eat mushrooms and stewed chicken during confinement?

Maternity can eat stewed chicken with shiitake mushrooms, which is rich in nutrition, which can nourish the body and enhance immunity, because the child is relatively weak after the birth.

Summer confinement diet principle 1.

Eat less and eat more. In the term of childbirth, follow the principle of eating less and eat more. Remember to avoid overeating.

Because the new mothers are still very weak during confinement, the function of the stomach is not fully restored.

If overeating at this time can easily cause gastrointestinal discomfort and cause indigestion.


Do not be picky. Many new mothers will be partial or even picky when they are confinement. This is unhealthy. They must be vegetarian, and the variety of food will be more comprehensive.

In addition, coarse grains are also one of the best postpartum foods. It has the effect of promoting gastrointestinal motility, helping digestion, and preventing constipation.

(Grain cereals mainly refer to millet, oats, corn flour, coarse rice, standard flour, red beans, mung beans, etc.

Choose from chicken, duck, pig, sheep, and beef, and try to eat them to ensure a variety of food.

) 3.

Eating digestible foods Semi-liquid foods are easily digestible foods.

For example, we often eat rice porridge, egg ravioli and other foods.

These foods are softer and easier to digest.

In addition, the new mothers in the confinement will drink some catfish soup or some supplementary soup that helps milk secretion.


Satisfying nutritional requirements There is a great demand for calcium and iron postpartum. It is necessary to pay attention to supplement these trace elements in time. For new mothers who are anorectic, make sure to eat a small amount of food every day, and add it to some foods containing heme iron such as animal blood or liver, Fish, lean meat, rapeseed, spinach and beans, etc. These foods can be eaten together, too monotonous will not cause the new mother’s appetite.

Fresh vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamins, minerals and sufficient supplementary fiber. Seaweeds can provide a moderate amount of iodine. These foods are not greasy and easy to absorb. They are also a favorite food for most new mothers and can prevent constipation and promote it.Milk secretion, increase appetite, but also provide essential nutrients, is an indispensable good food for confinement.


Avoid greasy, salty, and cold food. Confinement meals should be light-based, and avoid too much greasy food.

Greasy foods are not only not good for digestion, but they can easily grow meat, become fat, and even cause high blood pressure.

Salty food contains too much salt, which can easily cause water and sodium in the maternal body to slip and cause edema.

In confinement in summer, mothers sometimes eat cold foods, such as ice cream, frozen drinks and cold dishes, but eating these foods prematurely after delivery will not affect teeth and digestive function, and will easily hurt the spleen and stomach, which is not conducive to lochia discharge.

So you should avoid eating greasy, salty, and cold foods. When making recipes for new mothers, it is best to put less oil and less seasonings, mainly simple.

[The snacks you need to stay away from in your life are these]

[The snacks you need to stay away from in your life are these]

Snacks have two effects. One is to supplement the lack of nutrition in the staple food, and the other is to abdomen and reduce the feeling of obesity. This can also control the transformation of the day.

The first purpose is achieved by eating nuts in the morning or morning; the second purpose is what people must achieve, because controlling transfer is the most important health.

Snacks that can reduce this effect can be eaten in the dry, but also suitable for afternoon or evening. To put it plainly, this kind of snacks should preferably be large in size and low in volume, and use them to confuse the cooing belly.

If you divide according to the advantages and disadvantages of food nutrition, some foods are best eaten once a year, for example, they contain a large amount of pig brain, fat sausage, squid; some are best not eaten for life, unless there are additional and additives that have no other valueCola, milk tea, jelly, these three are very common snacks, the highest appearance rate of advertising, in fact, these are the most non-nutritive junk food, they meet the appetite of people with high content and low nutritional price.


[What can corn kernels do]_ making method _ practice Daquan

[What can corn kernels do]_ making method _ practice Daquan

This kind of food is very common in life. Some people buy corn kernels directly for the convenience of eating. The corn kernels taste very solid and feel like eating raisins, and the taste is very sweet, no matter the elderly or children.It is suitable for eating. A daily amount of corn kernels can play a role in delaying aging. Many foods cannot be separated from this food. So what kind of corn corn can be used for?

First, what can corn kernels do?

Assorted corn kernels.

Method: Cut off the skin of carrot, cut into small cubes after washing, cut into small cubes of ham; sweet corn, green beans for future use.

Cook the diced carrots for a few minutes before frying, so that they are easy to cook. After cooking, scoop them out with a drain scoop and drain the water. If the green beans are too hard, you can cook them and fry them.

I used frozen green beans. After thawing, I squeezed it with my hands and found it was soft, so I did n’t cook it.

Pour oil in the pot, add all the ingredients after heating, add salt, and fry over medium heat for a while.

Second, salt and pepper corn.

Ingredients: 1 can of corn kernels, 1 egg, appropriate amount of raw flour, a little salt and pepper, and 1 chive.

Method: Prepare all required materials, control the moisture content of the corn kernels, put them in a bowl, beat an egg, add an appropriate amount of raw flour, you can add more, so that the corn kernels have a thick feel, stir well, so thatThe corn kernels are evenly covered with egg liquid. Add a small amount of oil to the pan, slightly more than the stir-fry. Pour the corn kernels when they are hot to 70% or 80%.

Stop frying a few times, do not keep turning, wait for the corn kernels to turn golden brown and turn off, sprinkle hot pepper and salt and spring onions, and mix well.

What can corn kernels do?

Corn sausage with ham sausage.

Ingredients, corn, green pepper, ham sausage, salt.

Method: Wash the green peppers, clean the green peppers, cut the ham intestines into granules of the same size as the corn and pour the oil into the pan. Add the corn and stir-fry until the 8 is mature.

[What fruit is good for pregnancy?

】 _Attentions_What does it do

[What fruit is good for pregnancy?

】 _Attentions_What does it do

Fruit is the most important arithmetic in life. People often say that you must eat more fruits. Fruit contains nutrients needed by the human body, which is very important to promote the health of the human body.Special attention needs to be paid to the diet during special periods. Many things cannot be eaten during pregnancy. What fruit is good for pregnancy?

The following describes what fruits to eat during pregnancy are good for your health.

What fruits should pregnant women eat?

It is recommended that pregnant women choose the right fruit to eat according to the different stages of pregnancy.

1. Early pregnancy: grapefruit, apple, grape, orange, banana In early pregnancy, expectant mothers are best to choose neutral fruits, such as apple, grape, orange, lemon, guava, banana, pineapple, lotus mist, Sugarcane, olives, etc.

If you want to eat hot fruits, you must eat a small amount, it is best to eat with cold fruits, this will help the role of cold and heat neutralization.

Cold fruits like watermelon, grapefruit, and pear must also be selective.

Grapefruit is a good supplement for folic acid during this period. Grapefruit contains natural folic acid.

Folic acid is not only important for early pregnancy, it is also essential throughout pregnancy.

Helps allergies, and people who are prone to eczema should not eat it.

2, second trimester: lemon, cherry, kiwi, orange, pear, begonia, second trimester, expectant mother’s appetite is widening, often growing rapidly, more nutrients are needed.

At this stage, pregnant mothers can eat fruits such as lemon, cherry, kiwi, kiwi, grape, loquat, apple, begonia, and supplement vitamins and folic acid.

Cherries are the ideal fruit for pregnant women.

The content of iron in cherries is very rich. Consuming about 12 cherries a day can effectively increase the absorption of iron, prevent iron deficiency anemia in expectant mothers, and is more beneficial to brain health.

Kiwifruit Kiwi fruit is rich in vitamins C, A, E as well as potassium, magnesium, cellulose and other nutrients.

Expectant mothers can eat one kiwi every day, which can stabilize mood, improve sleep quality, and effectively prevent constipation during pregnancy.

Apple is the most popular fruit in daily life. It is rich in sugar and vitamins, and microelements, especially zinc. An apple can not only help mothers to absorb nutrients, but also benefit babies.

Begonia fruit is a fruit with folic acid, which has the effects of replenishing and quenching thirst, strengthening the spleen and reducing diarrhea, and can treat indigestion, which is a good choice for pregnant women.

However, begonia acid, stomach ulcers and pregnant women with too much acid should not eat.

3. Late pregnancy: Kiwi, oranges, pears, grapes In the third trimester, pregnant moms can eat more vitamin-rich fruits like kiwi, orange, pear.

Pregnant moms who are overheated should preferably eat less oranges, so that some of the oranges may cause more pigmentation in the human body, which is not good for the skin.

Oranges are high in vitamins, so pregnant moms can eat more.

Expectant mothers ingest a certain amount of grapes every day, not only to achieve a good birth control effect, folk quote: Prospective mothers use more grape baby’s eyes will be beautiful, but should not be excessive, and can not drink milk immediately after eating grapes.

Oranges are rich in vitamins and minerals, which have functions of softening and protecting blood vessels, and lowering blood lipids.

In the third trimester, many expectant mothers can’t sleep well, and their emotions tend to be restless. You can eat some pears properly. The pears are rich in water content, B vitamins and other substances.